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It's cold outside, the Christmas decorations have slowly been sorted out and we like to make ourselves comfortable at home. You may already have run into the topic of hygge - a very special way of life from Denmark. Hygge cannot simply be translated, it is rather an attitude towards life that should convey comfort, joie de vivre and security to us. Hygge can be a good meal with friends, making others happy, or taking some time off for yourself.
This week, and the penultimate part of our Hygge series, we deal with the topic of enjoyment and time out. So what is better than a nice cup of coffee or tea and lots of rest?

Hygge part 3 - required material:

Hygge part 3: shaping the coffee mug

In step number one, there is no limit to your imagination. We shape a coffee mug from the soft clay. This may take some practice - but I promise you, it's not that difficult. I chose a mug without a handle. If you want a handle on the mug, you should put some clay aside for it.
First I kneaded the clay properly and moistened it with water. Then I create a large ball from the clay, which I place on a handicraft pad and press on.
With the help of the thumb I press a hollow in the clay ball. With this hollow I now shape the edge of my mug piece by piece. Be careful not to thin all sides of your mug.

If you are satisfied with the shape of your mug, the good piece now has to dry completely. I gave the mug an entire day for this. If you have a kiln, you can also use the clay 1000 degrees run away. However, he can also be great at the Air dry. It only takes a little longer.

Hygge part 3: Protect from moisture

So that we can also sip coffee or tea from our mug, we have to seal the clay properly. For this I use "Tondicht". I apply the seal generously everywhere - that means inside and outside. If you want to be on the safe side, you can repeat this process a second time. The sealant, in turn, must be absorbed well and dry. It's always best to do this overnight.

Hygge part 3: Top coat - matt finish

If you like, you can brush your mug with paint. Personally, I think the color of the clay is pretty and I like it rustic. That's why I only decided on a matte finish. Which is also applied with a brush. But this time only on the outside. The lacquer should be left to air dry for at least 4 hours and then baked in the oven. The exact instructions can be found directly on the product.

Hygge part 3: type and enjoy

If the last coat of paint on the mug has dried well, you can use your porcelain brush pen to give the mug a very individual look. If you like, you can draw a drawing on the mug with a pencil and then replicate it. The brave can of course also start directly with the porcelain pencil.

After the very last drying, it's time to #butfirstcoffee and enjoy


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