Why does someone take love for granted

11 signs he's taking you for granted

At the beginning of your relationship, he called three times a day (and more often!). He sent you small gifts to the office, and in the morning there was a post-it on the fridge. He invited you to dinner, he recorded every little thing that was important to you ...

And now? Two years later, admiration has evidently become everyday life. You have been lifted off the podium, the attention is over. When was the last time he tried to help you? Is it still important to him what YOU wish for? What are you happy about?

No. More and more often you get the feeling that you have become completely natural for him, like a piece of furniture, always there, always within reach, no longer important.

11 signals by which you can tell that he really takes you for granted - and doesn't care a bit about you:

Everything is based on him. You always meet when HE has time for it - it's never the other way around. It doesn't even matter if you're moving, if you have an important presentation at work or if you need his help in some other way: He will not show up and help you, simply because he "has too much on his mind at the moment" . But he expects you to come over to see him later and spend the night with him.

He plans you in - but has no time for your concerns. He doesn't even ask you if you even want to accompany him to his company party, his sore friend's party, or his grandcousin's wedding. You're just scheduled. But if you ask him to come with you for your girlfriend's birthday, he rolls his eyes and says, "Sorry, but this is not MY girlfriend."

Once you've cooked something for him, he assumes that it will always happen. What other people would kiss your feet for: he takes it for granted. He treats favors like expectations ... But watch out! If you don't manage to do the shopping for him when he has to work late or to pick him up in the car when his is being repaired: then there will be trouble.

If he doesn't feel like it, then he ignores you. When he doesn't want to come over or take your calls, he just ignores you. And now we don't mean: He'll just call back later and explain why it didn't work or why he couldn't come after all. He just doesn't answer or doesn't show up. Just to come up with an extra lame excuse the next morning ("I fell asleep on the sofa at 7 o'clock and never woke up ...")

You get the impression that he just "called you booty" - even though you are in a relationship. Sometimes you get the feeling that he's just calling you so you can come over for sex quickly. Maybe you just spend the nights together at all ...?

If he does you a favor, he'll act like an ungustl. You have got your way, it actually helps you. But while he helps you or ONCE sees the film that YOU like, he behaves like a puke and lets his bad mood hang out offensively. It was the last time you "Sleepless in Seattle" have seen...

You go out less often - and all ideas come from you. There's nothing wrong with spending a Netflix evening with your boyfriend. But if you tell him that you hang out too often at home and you would like to do something with him again - and he does absolutely NOTHING for it - then you have a problem ...

Satisfaction? For him, this means a blow job. Sex? First and foremost, has to please him. Whether you have an orgasm, whether you would like to cuddle for a while afterwards: none of that matters to him. He comes, turns to one side, sleeps.

Compliments? Foreign word for him. Some, oh well, most men don't necessarily throw compliments around (except in the advertising phase). But if you can't even remember the last time you heard something loving about you out of his mouth ... ouch!

He doesn't listen to you. No, he doesn't have to memorize every detail of your stories for months and no, he doesn't have to be able to memorize the names of your great-nephews either. But if he just doesn't have issues that are important to you on the slip, then that's a very bad signal because you've lost his attention. A man who values ​​you sits across from you and really listens to you.

He doesn't involve you. By the way, you find out that he wants to take a new job. That he's going to move. As a friend, you should already know that from now on he will live an hour away from you - even before he signed the lease.

What if, unfortunately, more than three of the points described above apply? Then, girl: Put your legs in your hand and run!