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Wrong Numbers: In the United States, most white murder victims are killed by whites

04.06.2020 – 16:53

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A five-year-old Facebook post reappeared on social media after the protests against racial discrimination in the United States and against racist behavior by the local police. It claims that blacks have 81 percent of white murder victims on their conscience. Of the blacks murdered in the USA, only one percent was killed by the police, another 2 percent by whites - 97 percent of African-Americans were killed by other blacks (

EVALUATION: The figures are fictitious. The current sharing of the post is misrelating to the unrest in the United States.

FACTS: The graph with the alleged numbers from the US crime statistics 2015 was shared on November 22, 2015 by the then presidential candidate Donald Trump without any comments or remarks (archived version:

The graphic shows a black man masked with a scarf and armed with a pistol in a kind of combat suit. The following numbers are listed next to the figure:

"Blacks killed by whites around 2 percent

Blacks killed by the police about 1 percent

Whites killed by the police about 3 percent

Whites killed by whites about 16 percent

Whites killed by blacks about 81 percent

Blacks killed by blacks around 97 percent "

A "Crime Statistics Bureau - San Francisco" is named as the source.

Trump's tweet received a lot of attention in the US media in 2015 and sparked outrage. Although the entry and the reactions to it are present in Trump's Twitter timeline today, the controversial graphic has been removed ( After research by the platform "", the graphic had previously been distributed by a supporter of the right-wing extremist White Supremacists with the Twitter account "@CheesedBrit", which was deleted shortly afterwards (

The five-year-old graphic was shared again on Facebook on June 1, 2020 - after looting and demonstrations against police violence against blacks. The claims made in the graph are incorrect.

There is no "Crime Statistics Bureau" in San Francisco. Figures for 2015 may not have been available for 2015 either. The administration of the city and county of San Francisco provides a lot of data about the work of the police, but nothing that is similar to the one in the graphic (

According to the FBI, exactly 13,455 murders were committed in the United States in 2015. According to this, black men committed around 36 percent of all murders in 2015, white men 30 percent. 52 percent of the murder victims were black men, the proportion of white men was 43 percent (

According to the FBI figures, 81 percent of the white murder victims were killed by a white perpetrator. 89 percent of black (African American) victims were murdered by black perpetrators. The numbers mentioned in the Facebook post are therefore incorrect.

There are no official figures for the entire USA on excessive violence by police officers because there is no uniform national reporting system and therefore no US-wide database. The Federal Police FBI is working on the implementation of uniform reporting by the police authorities, but so far does not have comprehensive reliable data (

The Fatal Encounters website is a reputable source of fatal police actions and gathers information from a variety of publicly available sources. According to this, exactly 13,337 whites have been killed by police officers since 2000, mostly at gunpoint. During the same period there were 7,612 African American victims (

In view of the large "white" and the comparatively small "black" proportion of the population, this means that the probability of being killed in an encounter with police officers is significantly higher for a black person than for a white person. According to the US Census Bureau, three quarters (76.5 percent) of the good 328 million US citizens were white in 2019, while 13.4 percent were African-Americans (



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