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One Piece: How long does it take to catch up on all episodes and chapters?

We all know it. You're new to the anime world or you've just taken forever to bring yourself to finally start this one series that the whole world and their uncle is talking about. And then he buries you under himself, this mountain of consequences that cannot be overcome, which plunges you into true despair and lifelessness.

One Piece is one of the most popular anime franchises in the world and yet it is difficult for newcomers to get involved in the adventures of Luffy and his crew, which is mainly due to the overwhelming number of episodes and chapters Manga since its launch in 1997 and the anime since 1999 have amassed.

In order to demotivate you a little more, we took out our abacuses and calculated for you how long it would take under certain conditions, to catch up with all episodes and chapters from scratch. It should be said in advance that we were only able to work with a guideline value for our manga examples, since every person has a different reading speed and it is accordingly difficult to determine a value that is suitable for everyone. The same applies to the duration of flashbacks etc.

The anime

As of now, the anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's pirate shounen includes One Piece 901 episodes with a running time of 23:40 minutes each. Let's say you have absolutely no life and are robots that don't need sleep, food or any social interaction. Then the whole undertaking would cost you 19.6 days, i.e. almost 2 1/2 weeks of your life. On the other hand, if you are a productive member of society and spend sixteen hours of your precious life with school, work and sleep, the viewing time increases to 58.7 days. So almost two months, which you would almost completely wasted away with One Piece. If you have the luxury of not having to do anything other than sleep for eight hours, you will have 29.4 viewing days, which is a little less than a month.

A good way to save some time on foam marathons is to just do things like Omit opening and ending. In the case of One Piece you would get 12.5 days, i.e. almost two weeks of viewing time, if you would look through it for 24 hours without a break. With the usual sleep breaks you will reach episode 901 without openings and endings after 18.7 days and if you have work and other duties, you still need 37.5 days. Unless you have something else to do after work or school.

You also leave out the usual flashbacks at the beginning of the episodewhich gives you a total of around seven minutes less running time per episode, minimizes the required viewing time to 10.6 days. If you sleep the usual eight hours in between, there are another 5.3 days, and if you go about your duties for eight hours, we are without opening, ending and flashbacks in 31.9 days of treasure hunt.

But what if it all still takes you too long and you just want to concentrate on the important things? Then we have the speed run for you! Opening, ending and flashbacks aren't the only things you can leave out. Like every fighting shounen, One Piece is not free from fillers. While some of them were simply interspersed in the story episodes and are accordingly difficult to skip, the series offers you a total of 102 episodes that have been fully classified as fillers and you can simply skip it without having to worry about missing out on something important.

Left over 799 episodes and a total of 17.3 days if you skip them and according to the motto "Who needs sleep ?!"
If you also, quite speedrunlike, omit opening, ending and flashbacks and only listen to Luffy and co. 24/7. concentrated, you even come to the actually quite pleasant time of 9.4 days.

However, if you are not a robot and do not have an infinite amount of energy, your need for sleep increases the time required to 14.1 days, and if you also go to work, the whole thing doubles to 28.2 days.

The manga

Quite a lot of time that hardly any of us can spare. Fortunately, there is still the manga! You can read it at your own pace, it has no fillers and it doesn't make you wait until the thousandth staring duel between two fighting opponents finally comes to an end.

Let's start with the current German version of the manga. It's at in August Volume 91, i.e. chapter 921, arrived. If you were to read one of these 92 volumes every week, it would take you 1.7 years to catch up to the current level. It’s much faster with two volumes a day. With 45.5 days, this then takes about 1 1/2 months. If you read all the chapters at once and if you need about ten minutes per chapter, you will only be busy for 6.3 days. So not even a week.

But do you want to give your brain a little break and at least a little sleep in between, you read 9.5 days, a whole 3.2 days longer. With a work and social life of 16 hours (including sleep, of course), your workload increases to a full 19.1 days.

So you see, becoming a One-Piece fan costs an incredible amount of time and your entire private and social life. But if you're ready to pay this low price, a world of adventure and friendship awaits you that you will definitely never forget.

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