What are natural sleep inducers

How often do you shower? Dermatologists explain the ideal routine

How often do you shower

Because: How often you should shower and when, whether in the morning or in the evening, he gives a clear answer to these questions. Especially during summer time, as he says, "If you are out all day sweating or exercising, you should definitely take a shower before bed," he told Mail Online. His motto is: shower once a day and that in the evening. Sounds obvious, natural dirt factors such as sweat or the spread of plant pollen on skin and hair increase during the hot season.

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When: In summer we should shower in the evening

Wash away morning tiredness with a cold shower? Not a good idea! The New York dermatologist Dr. Samer Jaber. When we shower, the alpha waves in the brain dominate our condition and this is relaxing. The feeling is like a meditation or that after a work-out. Shelley Carson of Harvard University is convinced of the positive effects of showering in an interview with Greatist: "When you are in the alpha state (as opposed to the beta state in which we are highly concentrated), you relax, renew and regenerate the cognitive processes. First-class ideas, for example, can effortlessly bubble to the surface. "

The shower in the evening has an antidepressant and sleep-promoting effect

And Christopher Winter, medical director of the sleep center at Martha Jefferson Hospital, is also convinced of the evening routine. "Cooling off quickly after a shower or bath can be a natural sleep inducer, so a nice way to get your body to think it's time to go to bed." Because: The stress hormone cortisol breaks down - and thus an accelerator for aging and wrinkles.

Alternative: a short refreshment instead of a shower

Use the morning time for a quick body wash and a thorough facial cleansing. How about a rollercoaster for the face? Cold water not only refreshes, it also closes the pores. The skin is protected from pollution and bacteria. And there are plenty of these in warm temperatures.

7 tips for sustainable showering

save water

Don't turn on the water until you're ready. If the water takes a while to warm up, 30 seconds should be enough to reach a tolerable temperature - but no more.

Use 2-in-1 products

Instead of using a separate shampoo and conditioner, use an all-purpose cleaner to save time showering. Not only are they efficient, but thanks to their gentle formulations they are also suitable for all hair types.


Do you need to shave your legs? Do it while your conditioner is in the conditioner. Or use a body cleanse like the "Mandarin" shower oil from Le Labo, as it can also be used as a shaving oil. It has the added benefit of pampering the skin with moisture.

Turn off the water when lathering

While you are shampooing your scalp or lathering your body, there is no need for the water to run through. Turn it off and you can save several gallons of water that is wasted. Or, if you're feeling particularly efficient, take a "marine shower" - a technique that originated on naval vessels and that takes 30 seconds to get wet before the water is turned off, then foams, turns the water on and takes a minute to rinse it off.

Hygiene: soap and sponges

We can share soap. Definitely not a sponge. In any case, it should be placed outside the tub area to dry after each use.

Make dry shampoo your best friend

Do you even have to wash your hair every day? Try lengthening the drying time of your hair a little longer with a dry shampoo or of course this season's Prada headband

Apply body cream properly

The care cream immediately after leaving the shower. This ensures that the skin evaporates less moisture and is nourishingly hydrated.

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