Dylan Macintyre has amnesia

H an s Pe te r R od en be rg I n te rk u lt u re ll e perception betw een A n gs t, Neu gi er and E mp at h he intercultural perception between fear , Curiosity and empathy Psychosozial-Verlag Hans-Peter Rodenberg Hans-Peter Rodenberg, Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Dr. H. c., is professor emeritus for American cultural studies and media studies at the University of Hamburg. www.psychosozial-verlag.de,! 7ID8D7-jciijb! Encounters between people of different origins and cultures has become normal in the age of globalization. In everyday life we ​​deal with each other quite naturally, but can we really understand each other or do we just believe that? How does intercultural understanding succeed? Through empathy, says Hans-Peter Rodenberg, and shows that the most important prerequisite for this - individually and socially - is an environment free of fear on both sides. Overcoming the fear of the strange and the resulting curiosity and empathy are determined much more by affective-emotional than by rational-cognitive processes. Rodenberg brings together the results of brain and memory research with the findings of depth psychology and derives insights into the processes of perception in relation to the respective culturally different. In doing so, he makes an important contribution to intercultural research and offers valuable help for those who work in practice. Pages (content): approx. 260, pages (print): 270; Printer: Booksfactory Inkjet =>