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Parks in New York

Even though New York is a vibrant city with the tallest skyscrapers in the world, there are many beautiful parks in New York where you can withdraw from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city. You can relax, take a walk or have a bite to eat. In the following text I have listed several parks in Manhattan and Brooklyn that are more than worth a visit.


Central Park

Central Park is the largest and most famous park in New York. For many New Yorkers, Central Park is the garden they can withdraw to when they want to take a little break.
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Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. Fifth Avenue begins at Washington Square Park. The park was named after George Washington, the first President of the United States. In 1827 it officially became an amusement park. Washington Square Park has a grand triumphal arch in honor of George Washington. Interestingly, this triumphal arch looks very similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Washington Square Park is a popular place to hang out with friends. It is across from NYU, the dynamic, urban university of New York. Right next to it, only one block away in each direction, there are many shops, cafes, theaters and clubs. The park offers the ideal opportunity to go for a walk, shop or just relax. Washington Square Park is filled with street performers entertaining passers-by, and musicians can often be heard under the Arc de Triomphe. There are also plenty of places to do sports. Many people also come here to play chess. Tourists, students, artists and locals come together here. Here you can experience for yourself why New York is also called the melting pot.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Here you have the best view of Manhattan. The park is on the water below the Brooklyn Bridge. This position gives you the opportunity to take beautiful photos. It's a great place to relax on the park steps or just lie on the lawn. There is a nice playground for the children to play in.

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High Line Park

The High Line Park is one of the most interesting parks in New York. This park is located on an old railway line that runs over the city. High Line Park has a wonderful view of Manhattan and the Hudson River. It is a nice idea to combine a stroll here with a visit to Chelsea Market and Hudson Yards.

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Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park is located in Midtown on Fifth Avenue. If you want to get away from the crowds, Madison Square Park is the place for you. The park has beautiful lawns where you can withdraw and relax while the children play in the playgrounds. Many musical activities for children are also organized here during the summer holidays.

The Shake Shack at Madison Square Park has the tastiest burgers and the best milkshakes. If you want to contact your family or friends back home, you can simply use the free Wi-Fi in Madison Square Garden.

And if art is your thing, Madison Square Park is definitely not to be missed. The park often has temporary exhibitions that display a wide variety of works of art.

Battery Park

Battery Park has a long history. The first immigrants used to arrive here before they later landed on Ellis Island. From Battery Park you have a beautiful view of the water, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The ferry to the Statue of Liberty also stops here.

There is a pleasant atmosphere in the park. Concerts and festivals take place regularly in summer, such as the Swedish Mid-Summer Festival. The park also has beautiful gardens and flower beds. Well worth seeing, especially if you love flowers. A little off the beaten track in Wagner Park there is the Gigino, a posh restaurant with an incredibly great terrace, where people meet for an after-work beer after work. The restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants in town. So if you want to make an impression, this is the place!

Battery Park is the starting point for numerous guided tours through Manhattan.Here you will find an overview of all guided tours through the city.

Bryant Park

There is something to do at any time of the year at Bryant Park in New York. In winter there is an ice rink where you can skate, and in summer there is a varied program. You can watch movies for free in Bryant Park or take yoga, dance and tai chi classes, for example.

Bryant Park is in the heart of Manhattan. More specifically, the park is located near Times Square and the theater district. The New York Public Library is also not far away. Bryant Park is ideal for a leisurely drink in the sun. When the weather is nice, you can also find a lot of yuppies here who meet up with their friends for a beer after work. This small, cozy park is definitely worth a visit.

Little Island

Little Island is a stilted park on the Hudson River. It is a green oasis in the river, with a varied landscape. There are lawns to relax in, trails, hills, and hidden sections. There are also a number of theaters in the park that regularly host performances and other events.

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Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Street Garden is a quaint, hidden park in Nolita. It's a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or to enjoy your takeaway lunch. The garden is full of sculptures and is maintained by the community. You can find it on Elizabeth Street, nestled between Prince and Spring Streets.

Domino Park

Brooklyn's newest gem is Domino Park, located along the East River in Williamsburg. The park is named after the Domino Sugar Refinery factory, on whose old company premises the park is located. The extensive park consists of several parts, for example a playground, a beach volleyball field, an elevated pedestrian path and of course lots of green areas. One of the special features of the park is the Fog Bridge, a bridge surrounded by several atomizers, which creates a kind of fog that surrounds visitors.

Paley Park

Paley Park in New York City is a hidden treasure right in Midtown Manhattan. It is a small oasis: there are many trees and the walls are overgrown with ivy. The best part, however, is the 6 meter high waterfall that is located at the end of the small park. The lapping of the waterfall reduces the city noise and turns this spot into an oasis of calm.

The park is one of the best parks in the world. Even though you are right in Midtown Manhattan, it seems like you are far from the crowds. There are also five original pieces of the Berlin Wall painted by artists in this small park. The park is at 3 East 53rd Street between the commercial buildings.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park, in the heart of Brooklyn, is near the Barclays Center (which is where the Brooklyn Nets play) and in an area of ​​Brooklyn where you can find a variety of museums. The park is known for its man-made bodies of water, although most of Brooklyn's natural forest can still be found in this very same park.

In winter you can skate on the ice rink in the park and in summer there are tons of activities. You can even go fishing in the park. If you are traveling to New York with your family, this park is particularly suitable as there is something for all ages. While your children can ride a pony (under supervision), you have the opportunity to enjoy the park. You can also rent a pedal boat and have a great time on the water with the whole family.