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Lively: What is lively? How is it to be understood to be lively? What is the original meaning of this word? Here is some explanation of the adjective lively and the context in which it is used. You also get word formations that have a similar stem to lively. You can also find out a lot about synonyms for lively, including antonyms for the term lively. The term lively is a quality that can also be cultivated and developed, e.g. through yoga exercises and meditation. Autosuggestions are also helpful. Therefore, in the lower part of this article, you will also find affirmations too lively. We hope you get such good food for thought for your personal development. Lively is the adjective to the noun Liveliness. More about the adjective lively can be found under the main keyword Vivacity. Here is a little definition of lively:

To be lively is a quality associated with liveliness and vitality. Humans can have a lively basic nature and also a lively spirit.

Lively - related terms

Here are a few words associated with lively. First a few words that have the same root:

  • The noun too lively is liveliness.
  • The noun agent, that is, the word that denotes the doer, is livelier.
  • One verb for this is to live.

Opposite of lively - antonyms

An antonym is an opposite. Sometimes virtues are best understood by relating them to their opposite. Sometimes the opposite of a virtue is also a virtue, sometimes a vice or a vice. So here are some opposites of lively, i.e. antonyms:

Balancing virtues

Much that is taken to extremes becomes vice. So also lively needs an opposite pole. Here are some opposite poles, i.e. positive antonyms too lively:

  • Adjectives that denote an opposite pole, i.e. positive antonyms too vividly, are, for example, calm and calm
  • Nouns that represent an antipole to liveliness are, for example, serenity, calm, accountance

Antonyms, negative qualities

Here are some examples of opposites, antonyms, of lively, which can be viewed as vices or negative properties:

Similar words to lively - synonyms

Synonyms are words with a similar meaning. Here are a few synonyms too vividly. Some of the synonyms have positive meanings. However, the following also applies: A virtue in a different context, or a virtue that is exaggerated, can also have a negative meaning.

Positive synonyms too lively

So here are some examples of positive synonyms that are too lively:

Negative synonyms too vivid

An actually positive quality exaggerated or in another context can be negative. One can also see the same quality both positively and negatively. Here are some examples of negative synonyms too lively:

Liveliness Affirmations

Do you want to develop, grow stronger, cultivate the quality of vivacity in yourself? Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Classic autosuggestion: I am lively.
  • Developmental Affirmation: I develop vivacity.
  • Miracle Affirmation: Assuming I was lively, how would that feel, what would change, how would I react?

Of course, meditation is also helpful, in which you can let this quality become stronger in you. You can find more information under the keyword Trait meditation. Also look under the keyword Cultivation of positive traits.

Here is a video with tips on cultivating virtues, traits:

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