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The PEGI committees


The PEGI Board of Directors is the heart of the PEGI organization. The managing director is responsible for the day-to-day business of PEGI and follows the instructions of the board of directors. The Board of Directors consists of representatives of the users of PEGI (publishers and developers of games), the gatekeepers of PEGI (game console manufacturers) and the sponsors of PEGI (business associations in the individual countries) as well as representatives of the PEGI Council and the PEGI Experts Group (Expert group) together. This board structure ensures that there is proper oversight while maintaining the self-regulatory power of PEGI.


With PEGI deployed in more than 35 countries, it is of fundamental importance that the system keep pace with social, political and legal developments across the region. The Council's task is to make recommendations so that national and European developments are communicated and included in the PEGI system and its code of conduct. The Council gives a voice to the countries that use PEGI. It is just as important that the authorities in the PEGI countries take this development into account and participate in PEGI. The Council ensures this mutual flow of information: The members of the Council are primarily recruited from the authorities of the PEGI countries and work as civil servants, media specialists, psychologists and legal advisers who are familiar with the protection of minors in Europe.

Members of the PEGI Council in 2021:

Antonio Xavier (Chair)Classification ExpertPortugal
Beate VåjeNorwegian Media AuthorityNorway
Axenia BonevaBulgarian Ministry of CultureBulgaria
Ger ConnollyIrish Film Censor's OfficeIreland
Ian RiceVSC Rating BoardUnited Kingdom
Paul LorenzAutorité Luxemburgeoise Indépendante de l’AudiovisuelLuxembourg
Daniela EspositoEU Commission, DG CNECTEU
Yvonne HaldimannFederal Social Insurance Office - Protection of minorsSwitzerland
Johan KarlssonSwedish Media CouncilSweden
Anna Holm PingelDanish Media CouncilDenmark
Tommi TossavainenFinnish National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI)Finland
Herbert RosenstinglYouth Policy Unit, Austrian Federal ChancelleryAustria
Carole Bienaimé-BesseConseil Supérieur de l’AudiovisuelFrance
Raphaël HuybrechtsFlemish Department For Culture, Youth and MediaBelgium


While the Council focuses on country representation, PEGI also maintains a network of technical experts who have been an important source of advice to PEGI over the years. The PEGI expert group consists of specialists and academics from the fields of media, psychology, classification, law, technology, online world, etc. They advise PEGI by taking into account technological and content-related developments, such as those from the PEGI Council, the PEGI Board of Directors or by circumstances that become known through the complaints procedure.

Members of the PEGI expert group in 2021:

Emma Ham-RicheMothers' UnionUK
Jeroen JanszErasmus University RotterdamNetherlands
Aphra KerrMaynooth UniversityIreland
Chris MadgwickRockstar GamesUK
Spyros PappasPappas & AssociatesGreece
Richard SheridanNintendoUK
Anne Mette ThorhaugeUniversity of CopenhagenDenmark


The Appeals Committee consists of a pool of independent experts on the protection of minors from various European countries. If a complaint is received from a consumer or publisher regarding a review of a game and the PEGI administrator does not reach a satisfactory solution through discussion, explanation or negotiation, the complainant can formally ask the complaints committee for mediation. Three directors will then meet, hear the complaint and take a decision. Publishers who use the PEGI system are bound by the decision of the complaints committee. You are therefore obliged to take the necessary corrective measures and are subject to the sanctions provided for in the code in the event of non-compliance.

Members of the PEGI Complaints Committee in 2021:

Jeroen Jansz (Chair)Erasmus University RotterdamThe Netherlands
Ger ConnollyIrish Film Classification OfficeIreland
Olivier GerardUnion Nationale des Associations Familiales (UNAF)France
Lars GjerlufsenThe Rytmiske HøjskoleDenmark
Hanna HappoFinnish National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI)Finland
Spyros PappasPappas & AssociatesGreece
Antonio XavierAge classification expertPortugal


Since PEGI is a voluntary system, it operates in conjunction with existing national legislation and is subordinate to it, regardless of whether it prohibits certain content or introduces mandatory rating systems. The role of the Legal Affairs Committee is to keep PEGI informed of any changes in national legislation in the participating countries that may affect the voluntary age rating system.


The Executive Committee is tasked with enforcing the provisions of the PEGI Code of Conduct, including the conclusions of the Complaints Committee. The Executive Committee consists of ten members, five of whom are publishers and five are elected by the PEGI Council.