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294 minutes without a winner! When Germany didn't have a soccer champion

Paramedics carried injured or exhausted players off the pitch 19 times, four to five teeth remained on the pitch and yet the final of the 1922 German Championship between Hamburger SV and 1. FC Nürnberg had to be repeated. In the end there was still no winner, but there were two dismissals, a game abandoned and angry fans.

This article first appeared on September 28, 2012.

Berlin, June 18, 1922, 5 p.m. 27 degrees, the air above the Berlin Grunewaldstadion presses after it had stopped raining shortly before. 30,000 spectators found their way into the stadium for the final of the German soccer championship when the future DFB president and former striker of Cologne FC, Peco Bauwens, played the longest final in soccer history between 1. FC Nürnberg and Hamburger SV whistles.

The Rothosen are blatant outsiders that evening, although they sent FC Wacker Munich 4-0 home in the semi-finals. "As if a world had ended, this result shocked the South," wrote journalist Peter Korf in 1956 Sports magazine.

Despite these results, nobody in Nuremberg is afraid of the final. The club doesn't really have problems in terms of sport, but in terms of finance. The stadium expansion cost a lot of money. Before the semifinals, Nuremberg played a test match at Eintracht Frankfurt, but only 7,000 spectators attended.

Broken tibia before the final

The annoying consequence: national player Hans Kalb breaks his shin, and the gifted middle runner Hans Sutor is injured as well. The latter gets fit again in time and completes the team around Luitpold Popp, Heiner Träger and the legendary goalkeeper Heiner Stuhlfauth, who complained to his defenders when he got bored during the game. "Let them through!" In any case, one rarely hears about today's world-class goalkeepers.

The Nuremberg goalkeeper didn’t have too little to do in the final. Already in the 19th minute, the teenager Hans Rave shoots the team that had been thrown together from three Hamburg clubs three years earlier.

An affront to the superior Nuremberg. Trag grabs the leather right after the kick-off, marches alone through the entire HSV back team and equalizes the score straight away from three meters.

Goalkeeper ran over the line - no goal

After Popp finally took the lead from twenty meters in the 30th minute, the Nuremberg team even demanded the 3: 1 a few minutes later. But referee Bauwens decides on foul play, because Träger simply runs the HSV goalkeeper Hans-Joachim Martens with the ball over the line.

As a result, Bauwens played a decisive role. The game gets harder and harder after half time. "The game becomes more and more bitter, harder, uglier and more confused," writes that Sports magazine.

The referee interrupts the game after the tenth injury interruption and calls on the players to reflect on the idea of ​​fair play.

Hamburg's only national player Otto "Tull" Harder, who was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment after the Second World War for his time as a concentration camp overseer, obviously does not fully understand the appeal and rams his opponent Anton Kugler's fist "unintentionally but terribly" right into the middle Face.

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Four to five teeth stay in Berlin

The Nuremberg man loses four teeth, some sources speak of five, which still does not leave an anonymous contemporary witness indifferent years later: "In my mind, I see Kugler Toni mocking the sacred, blood-soaked Brandenburg soil one tooth after the other. "

Meanwhile, the compactly standing Hamburgers try to surprise the Nuremberg people with their hussar style again and again, until Hans Flohr meets four minutes before the end to equalize for HSV. The final score.

There is then twice extra time until Bauwens whistles after 140 minutes. Paramedics have had to carry injured or exhausted players off the pitch 19 times. Still no goal has been scored and the penalty shoot-out has not yet been invented.

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There is no goal, but referee Bauwens

There is no mercy: Bauwens whistles again. Long before Oliver Bierhoff scored the golden goal against the Czech Republic at Wembley Stadium, the next goal will now decide on the German championship. Alone: ​​The goal does not fall, but the referee.

After 165 minutes, Bauwens collapses in the middle of the square, plagued by leg cramps. The referee pushes himself up again and whistles the game again after a short break. No mercy.

A short time later, however, the game is over. Without a winner. After the audience had said "Stop it!" For minutes. chant, Bauwens finally has some understanding and breaks off after 189 minutes played. The reason: It is almost dark and there is no escape light.

When the young sports journalist ran to Stuhlfauth, euphoric from the battle-stressed game and asks him whether things would go on tomorrow, the Nuremberg goalkeeper snapped at him in front of the assembled team: "You are foolish, Mr. Schödel!" So the decision has to be made on a different day