How does ETS evaluate GRE essays

How can I improve my analytical writing for a standardized test?

To specifically prepare for the GRE essays, you can obtain test prep books explaining the rubric under which they will be graded or go online to the ETS website. I found this link: which has specific examples of essays with different grades.

Getting a good grade on the GRE essays is a skill that can be a little different from writing a good essay in general, as essays are graded on a given rubric fairly quickly. Writing that is poetic and beautiful but doesn't fit the rubric is likely to get a lower score (personally, I struggled to translate my writing style - which always got excellent grades in college classes - into a high-scoring GRE style ). In my experience, writing "too" concise (and therefore shorter than average) can actually affect your score. It is helpful to master the "formula" students are looking for, then make it their own and demonstrate good reasoning skills. Here, too, the information from the ETS (they create the test) in the link above will help.

You can practice thinking and analyzing in ways that go beyond just writing essays. Read news articles and state the advantages and disadvantages of the positions described. Discuss problems with intelligent people and consider which arguments are convincing and what kind of knowledge would support those arguments. Practice thinking about both sides of a problem and imagining how someone might argue against your own position, while also practicing explaining why one side of an argument is more solid than the other.