NBA players control the league

NBAPlayers agree to start the season before Christmas

The North American professional basketball league NBA can start the new season as planned before Christmas. Representatives of the player organization NBPA approved a plan for the league and owners on Thursday evening (local time). According to this, the season should start on December 22nd and consist of only 72 instead of the usual 82 regular season games per team.

"Additional details have yet to be negotiated, the NBPA
but is confident that the parties will reach an agreement, "said a message from the player organization. Negotiations are mainly about the players' payment and the Covid-19 protocol.

With the start in December, after only half as long a season break as usual, the league is hoping for higher income through lucrative games at Christmas. In addition, the end of the season would be possible in June, and thus in good time before the planned start of the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

In addition, there should be further adjustments to the game plans in order to
among other things, to reduce the number of contacts and trips. A
The Toronto Raptors move to a US venue, for example Newark, stands in the room. A so-called sealed-off bubble, as set up by the NBA in the play-offs in Florida last season, should not exist for the time being. In Orlando, the Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their 17th championship in mid-October.

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