Why did Pantera split up in 1994

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Pantera was a band from Fort Worth, Texas. They came together in the early 1980s, back then as a typical poser / hair metal band. Her first album was accordingly Metal Magic held in the then very popular Heavy Metal style. With Projects in The Jungle the band increased its toughness and approached the protagonists of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The third album must also be assigned to normal heavy metal. However, the band already brought the first hints of Thrash / Speed ​​Metal on the album.

The album was released in 1988 Power metal with a relatively large change in line-up, the sound of the album title was synonymous with the sound of the band. In 1989 the album Cowboys From Hell was released. The album should be one of the most important of the band. The band clearly got tougher and now belonged to Thrash Metal. The album is considered a milestone in Neo-Thrash and overall a milestone in Heavy Metal. If you will, Pantera heralded the so-called Neo-Thrash with the album. With the album Vulgar Display Of Power the band was able to confirm its reputation and placed itself at the forefront of metal.

With Far Beyond Driven the band put on another classic of Thrash, the band tried it on the album The Great Southern Trendkill even harder. With this Pantera could of course convince the hardcore Thrash fans, but in the opinion of many experts Pantera overdid it with hard sounds. In fact, the band's success curve fell as a result, even if they did it on the album Reinventing The Steel didn’t let it crash that extreme.

After the album, the band began to get into a crisis, and it was more or less a breakup, even if the band never officially split up. Guitarist Dimebag Darrell founded a new band, which many fans noted with a certain disenchantment. In 2004 the music world was shocked to note that Dimebag was shot by a supposed Pantera fan during a concert of his new band. He stated that he blamed Dimebag for the end of Pantera. The music world lost one of the probably best heavy metal guitarists of modern times, and the end of Pantera was finally sealed.


Discography (excerpt)

  • 1983: Metal Magic
  • 1984: Projects in the Jungle
  • 1985: I Am the Night
  • 1988: Power Metal
  • 1990: Cowboys From Hell
  • 1992: Vulgar Display of Power
  • 1994: Driven Down Under (Live)
  • 1994: Far Beyond Driven
  • 1996: The Great Southern Trendkill
  • 1997: Official Live: 101 Proof
  • 1998: Singles 1991-1996
  • 2000: Reinventing the Steel
  • 2003: Reinventing Hell - The Best Of