What colors mixed into brown

Brown: which colors do I have to mix?

of Anna pouch Updated: 06/26/2019

Colors mix to brown - that sounds very simple at first, but it covers a huge field. Brown starts with a very light shade, just think of a beige or the color of a nut ice cream. It continues through a medium brown shade to a deep dark brown that can hardly be distinguished from black. In between there are warm, reddish browns, sandy ocher tones or a cool-looking bluish brown.

Make different shades of brown

But back to the beginning. Mixing colors to brown is actually quite easy. You can mix brown from the basic colors red, yellow and blue by using the three colors in equal proportions. If you add white, you can lighten the brown shade as much as you want, the other way around you darken your brown with black.

While you create different levels of brightness with black and white, a different mixing ratio of the basic colors creates completely new color nuances:

  • If the blue and red components stay the same while adding more yellow, the result is an ocher tone.
  • The color you get when you increase the amount of red is called burnt sienna.
  • If you mix in more blue while red and yellow stay the same, you get a rather cool umber.
  • And of course the colors that have now been created can be lightened or darkened again with the help of white and black.

The color brown is available from very light to almost black and in a wide variety of nuances. But with a little background knowledge and a little practice, you will surely be able to mix different colors to brown, and to exactly the brown shade you want!