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The football god fights by our side: All information about the new season ticket

05/17/2021 2:59 pm

"Hansa Rostock you should shine like the first halo and it should ring everywhere, Hansa Rostock my association" - for years this choir burst thousands of eardrums, broke through all the spheres of heaven and provided music in the ears in front of my gate. But then? Suddenly, limitless silence. Week after week, month after month. Unbridled support, tireless fans and unstoppable supporters: an actually unbeatable worldview was thwarted - by a virus. It could not go on like that!

    It was high time to finally confess to Hansa - and the blazing spark jumped over. Dedication, struggle and passion - virtues for which the grandstands are notorious all over Germany have become the key to sporting success on the pitch. With the bull as the country animal by my side, we plowed through the fields of our opponents, the Rostock Greif flew with us to the top of the table. We fought many battles together and won at the last second with a blow to the heart. Now I urge you: let's continue on the successful path and give the cog even more tailwind in the coming season with the support of the ranks! Get the season ticket!

      For you I will create a season ticket package that is second to none. This year's season ticket will find its way into your white and blue home in a specially designed box. And: The artist group ARTunique, which spreads our name throughout the country by means of spray art, puts a very special spray can on top, which can be used as a storage place for the sacred season ticket. With our combined strength we can go into battle together in the coming season and conquer new stadiums! I always have the halo in my luggage. Now let's make our association shine again. It should be heard again everywhere: Hansa Rostock my club!

      the football god

      Details on season ticket sales:

      The season ticket for the 2021/22 season is available from Tuesday, May 18 (3 p.m.), on sale and can be purchased via the online ticket shop, the ticket hotline (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and the new Hansa app become. From May 25, this will probably also be available in all fan shops (KTC, Breite Stra├če, Ostseepark). As promised, all holders of a season ticket for the 2019/20 season enjoy their guaranteed regular seat. The respective places are reserved until June 1st (3 p.m.) and must be booked by then. For logistical reasons, the dispatch can only take place from the beginning of June. The price does not increase in the event of an ascent.