How did Snapchat change you

News and new buttons: major redesign on Snapchat

As reported by The Verge, Snapchat is currently testing a major redesign of the app. A small number of users currently have access to the new design and some of the screenshots of the changed features that they have published. On the one hand, the Snap Map and the Snapchat Originals find a new place in the redesign. On the other hand, the breaking news app tests headlines, which are supposed to display news from trustworthy news sources in the Discover area.

Redesign at Snapchat: five buttons in the navigation bar

So far, the app was divided into camera mode, chats and the discover page. With the redesign, five different buttons appear on the new navigation bar. The Snap Map gets its own button, as does the Discover area, which was renamed Community in the redesign, and the new Discover, which offers space for the Snap Originals.

With this, Snapchat is taking a step that previously seemed unlikely. Due to the young target group, who can find their way around the app without extensive explanations about swiping, tapping or buttons, the comparatively difficult navigation of Snap seemed to be desired. This means that users who do not understand the handling directly would probably not spend too long with the app and the group of users would remain more exclusive. But with higher user numbers, but not growing fast enough, Snap seems to be considering easier access. The buttons in the new design would definitely make it easier for users to find their way around.

Own pages for the Snap Map and Originals

Snap also gives advertisers more space by giving the individual pages their own space. For example, the popular Snap Map was very hidden until now. A more obvious place would surely make them more popular for ads too. The increased focus on the Snapchat Originals should also be a smart move by the app. A lot of Snap's budget goes into this itself, so it should be in the company's interest to drive the audience numbers as high as possible.

Latest news on the Discover page

In another test, Snapchat gives news from trusted publishers a space on the Discover page. In Happening Now Users would always get an update on current events. The Verge author Casey Newton to:

The news briefs I saw featured timely headlines from publishers includeNowThis, theWall Street Journal, and theWashington Post. […] Each one-sentence headline can be tapped to bring up a full screen news brief containing a photo and a short article.

After the last big redesign of the app was not well received by users and even caused many to turn their backs on Snapchat forever, all the big changes should now be very well thought out. The Verge confirmed the tests to Snapchat, but did not state when and whether a roll-out could be expected at all.