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When is the Fog season 2 coming to Netflix?

When is the Fog season 2 coming to Netflix? The Stephen King classic once again proves its timeless character. While Spike took care of the first season, fans are already hoping for a sequel. When you have to expect one, now at Newsslash!

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The first season of the Stephen King remake Der Nebel has barely arrived on the streaming portal, and more King novel adaptations are to follow. But before that happens, resourceful fans want to get an answer to the question: When will the Fog Season 2 be on Netflix? Or: is there anything else coming up?

Before we deal with the story itself, we want to clarify whether potential Netflixians can count on a continuation of the successful project. The Mist, or in German Der Nebel, was allowed to debut in the first season on Spike with 9 episodes on June 22, 2017. The fact that Kings novel was only designed for one film, let alone could provide material for several seasons, is doubted by most fans.

Be that as it may, the statement made by Kevin Kays President of Spike / Paramount Network in an interview with Deadline is contrary. Accordingly, Der Nebel should very well be enriched by another season if the format does well. Time for a possible 2nd season The fog would then be next year - so in mid-2018. As we know that Netflix tries to keep its time spans quite meticulous and the first season came to the streaming provider with a two-month delay and since August 25, 2017 is available, it can be deduced from this that in the event of a sequel The Mist / Der Nebel should come to Germany about two months after the release in the USA.

The story itself should be familiar to most. The setting is a small town in manageable Maine. For purely inexplicable reasons, within a very short time a thick, opaque fog settles over the patch of land called Bridgeville. This has very little in common with a cloud or a light haze, as besides pure fear and de-socialization it also brings voracious monsters and monsters with it.

In the first season, quite inexperienced actors such as Luke Cosgrove as Jay Heisel, Darcy Lindzon in the role of Trevor, David Wm. Marsh as Gerald, Morgan Spector as Kevin Copeland, Alyssa Sutherland as Eve Copeland and Nabeel El Khafif as Raj Al-Fayed. Christian Torpe offered himself as the creator of the revival. Giona Ostinelli agreed to play the music in the first part, while Guy J. Louthan and Amanda Segel are responsible as executive producers.

Did you know…?:
The Mist is not a retelling! The story is based on Stephen King's 1980 novel The Mist and was successfully filmed in 2007 by director Frank Darabont. That was almost 10 years ago and the horror jewel should now be given a new shine through the series format. You have to decide for yourself whether this succeeds. Take a look at the cinema version of the King story and decide what suits you better.

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