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best / best

The spelling of preferably is difficult to spell. However, this is not due to any spelling reform, but rather to the fact that both variants are basically possible. If we use the word sequence as an adjective, we write preferably small, but if it becomes a noun, capitalization is necessary. Let's take a closer look at that.

Usually it is the case that adjectives or verbs that follow a preposition, so here the word in the, must be capitalized. We can apply this rule, for example, to formulations such as Thank you in advance, where the adverb ahead in this case is substantiated and used as a noun.

The exception here is the superlative, i.e. the highest form of accentuation of an adjective. This rule applies to all superlative forms. For example, if someone wins a beauty contest, they probably did the most beautiful and whoever won a marathon was as fast as possible. In both cases, the winners were better than the other participants and therefore of course also preferably.

Now it's like thisthat adjectives can be queried using a simple formula, namely with the word how. We can inquire about it in the sentences above according to the following pattern: "How was he?" and the answer would be the most beautiful, as fast as possible or just preferably. The answer to the question is not presented as a contraction of preposition and article (on + the) understood and therefore in lower case.

Note: As a result, the superlative in combination with "am" is written in lower case. The question with the word “how” is helpful. Question: "How was Hans at the marathon?", Answer: "Hans was the fastest!"

When do we write preferably large?

Now, however, it may be that the best is not used as a superlative, but actually as a noun in the sentence, and then we have to capitalize it in any case.

Sometimes we miss it preferably or even most necessary and if anyone should ask what we are lacking, we could say it is preferably or most necessary is lacking. In this case, a how-question would not be possible, whereas the question formula by means of at what Makes sense.

That meansthat the word at the is understood here as a clear contraction of preposition and article and would therefore make sense when broken down. The sentence We lack the essentials expresses the same as the sentence We lack the essentials. This is not the case with the above examples, because Hans was at the marathon not the best.

Donkey bridge for upper and lower case
  • The word sequence is written in lower casewhen the word is used as a superlative in combination with a at the is needed. We can make such sentences with the help of the word how ask.
  • The word sequence is capitalizedwhen the word is used as a noun. This fact can be inquired about with the help of the word at what.
  • Alternatively, you can check the spelling when trying to use the at the by to the to replace. If this replacement is not possible, it is written in lower case.

Example sentences on the spelling

The best way to clarify and thus explain difficult word sequences with the help of examples. Therefore, we would like to give you a few example sentences with the correct spelling to make it easier for you to differentiate.

I feel preferably,when I'm among people (How?).
I pulled surprisinglypreferablyover because it crashed (On what?).
It would be likelypreferably,when we don't see each other anymore (How?).
He diedworst,what you can imagine (On what?).