Why do newborns have to be swaddled

Always well wrapped

The right grip for winding

In the first few weeks in particular, changing diapers is one of the intense moments in which you can exchange ideas with your baby and "talk" to you. Your baby will enjoy being petted and caressed, kicking naked or wearing only a diaper, playing with his feet and hands and listening to your encouraging words.

The baby can look into your face, feels your attention and reacts vigorously kicking and gesticulating, soon also cheerfully “babbling” to the preoccupation with him. You will get to know each other better and better and become familiar with each other. You should therefore always take enough time to swaddle - even if, with more than 2000 swaddling procedures a year, you sometimes have to go fast. That is not a problem if the next time there is more time and calm.

So that your baby can also feel comfortable when changing diapers, you should hold them firmly and securely to change the diaper and clean and lift your buttocks slightly by grasping the baby's left thigh with your right hand and bending the hip joint while the other leg is on your forearm (with your left hand gripping your right thigh in reverse). Be careful not to bend the spine too much or buckle the baby's neck.

Alternatively, you can also grab your child at hip height and turn them on their side. In this position the baby lies comfortably and you can easily reach all areas to be cleaned. Then place the diaper next to the baby and turn it back onto the diaper.

Side swaddling is particularly recommended for babies who regularly suffer from colic and are therefore particularly sensitive to the stomach. With this way of wrapping, the stomach is not unnecessarily narrowed and curved.