Means yes more than no

Where yes means no

Opinion: I came across this interesting work through my interest in different cultures, customs and rules from around the world. The cover is minimal, in two colors and with little picture. It's quite appealing, but a larger version of the globe and a smaller subtitle might also be an advantage. I did not find the paper chosen appropriately, but also not annoying and for a price of 5 € perfectly fine. The book consists of 10 chapters, each of which addresses one topic. Table manners, attached gifts and also various gestures and their meaning in different countries are mentioned. Another detail, which caught my eye and which I found very nice, is the small hand in the lower right corner, which when you leaf through the book like a flip book, moves back and forth and thus wiggles your finger "No." "arises. A very inconspicuous and yet suitable idea. With the various chapters, you get a lot of information as a reader, in just a few lines. It is explained briefly and clearly and the facts are always brought to the point. You get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions in a short period of time, so that embarrassing situations cannot arise in the first place. A wonderful book to inform yourself shortly before a trip and to prevent misunderstandings. Presumably, everything is no longer completely up-to-date and not necessarily applicable across the board to an entire country or even only partially applicable. It is very pleasant and quick to read. A great book for in between, especially before an upcoming trip abroad. Conclusion: All in all, it is a very informative, compact and interesting book. It is definitely recommended to read it through and to find out more about other cultures and customs. It is very pleasant and quick to read.