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Yoga: Be careful with certain techniques - Guest: Nicole Herrmann

I am very happy to be able to interview Nicole Herrmann, my first guest.

Nicole is a yoga teacher in Berlin and a real jack-of-all-trades. She teaches yoga and meditation, yoga nidra (a technique for deep relaxation), organizes yoga trips and workshops (also on Ayurveda) and focuses on working specifically with women under the title “Alchemy of Femininity”.




Why do you do yoga?


A very big question. I've changed a little too. In the beginning it was a curiosity that was there. I worked at the reception in a yoga studio and then noticed in the hours I was how good it was for me. It was very good for my mood, which changed as a result and I stayed with it. It has become like a ritual. Then I did the training.

Now it is an encounter with myself, with my body, my thoughts, my feelings. It just helps me to be with what is. With things that happen in the outside world, be it in partnership or professional matters, financial matters, perhaps also more globally: being able to deal with all the things that flow into us.

That I will not let myself be driven mad, but know that there is an anchor and a pole in me that, despite the circumstances, always gives me something: calm, serenity, equanimity and also trust. It's just a contact with myself. In yoga, one also says about this contact, to perceive and feel oneself again more often, things on the outside are often solved.


Those are very clear things like calm. I also find this interesting for people who do not have that much experience with yoga and are possibly a bit skeptical and think it's bells and whistles, esotericism. How would you meet these people? Is it strange when people are so skeptical about you and haven't touched it yet and how do you deal with it?


I have this quite often. I taught a lot in gyms where the people who didn't know it fell in. As a teacher, I think it's important not to be distracted by it or to think that I have to serve people in a special way and make them have a good time, but still pick them up.

I think what is important for people who are very skeptical is first to see that they are brought into their body, into conscious breathing, because body practice is not what brings about the big change, but deep breathing. Whereby I consider the spiritual aspect, this feeling of wholeness and connection to ourselves, but also to something bigger, to be something very essential.

Otherwise it robs yoga of its strength. It's quite a balancing act to say on the one hand that there is a skeptic who may find it very funny, but on the other hand I don't want to reveal yoga.


I can understand. My channel is also about the diagnosis of schizophrenia and the experience of psychosis, which one takes care of and does not trigger anything. You once had an experience, Rumpelstiltskin in Florida, that's what I called it.


I was once in an ashram called the Amrit Yoga Institute, where I also did my Yoga Nidra training, a very nice place. We were a group of 40-45 people. Yoga Nidra is the practice that brings us very deeply into our subconscious and we were very deep in relaxation, where one lies and goes through the different levels of consciousness.

There were two women who saw us spit, scream, stand up, shake and giggle and the very experienced teacher, who is also a psychologist, then spoke to us and said we should stay inside, because of course there was something makes us and these two people are taken care of.

After this session it turned out that both of them developed a psychosis. They had stopped taking their medication shortly beforehand, which is also asked for, but had not stated it. I found that to be very important for me, too, when I work with different people. Lots of people keep coming back to me when I know they are not acutely affected. I think it's an important aspect of such different breathing techniques.


Exactly, it can trigger something. Thank you for coming back. I also link an article in English:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Under certain circumstances, yoga, yoga nidra, meditation and relaxation techniques can also have a triggering effect. If you have any doubts, I recommend that you discuss with your doctor whether and in what form these techniques are currently suitable for you if you have experience with psychoses. The following links can be helpful:

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