What are you beyond your professional life

Start all over again in your professional life? You are never too old to change your perspective!

From housewife and mother to self-employed entrepreneur, from “office stallion” to organic farmer, from bookkeeper to writer: More and more Germans are daring a fresh start in their professional lives and are finding joy and fulfillment in their work. Is it worth starting a new career for you too? We took a closer look at the exciting topic of career change.

Change of occupation a trend?

Exactly how many people completely reorient themselves professionally each year is not yet available in statistics. What is certain, however, is that classic life-long-a-job CVs are becoming increasingly rare. On the other hand, the number of “patchwork” CVs - let's call them that - with breaks and changes in professional biographies is steadily increasing. For many, good pay alone is no longer enough to be happy in the same job for life.

Good reasons to restart

A professional restart into the unknown? There can be many good reasons for this. Private and professional. We just want to name a few typical ones:


The children are grown up and out of the house. After the parental leave or part-time family work, many women are looking for a new task or professional challenge that gives life a new meaning and closes the gap.


Hard, physical work sooner or later really gets to the bone. Even an office job can ruin the spine through unhealthy sitting. It is then no longer possible to continue working in the old job for health reasons.


Even extraordinary jobs such as modeling or top athletes cannot be carried out for a lifetime. Well advised is someone who deals in good time with the career prospects after leaving the celebrity job.


The search for meaning in one's own (professional) life is still missing. The search for meaning all too often leads to the bitter realization: I have not yet done what I really want to do. I have to change my life and my job now, otherwise I will regret it forever!

Silver Ager & Co. are worth gold for companies

Just a few years ago, older workers had a pretty bad job on the job market. With increasing age, the chances of getting a new job decreased rapidly. A change of profession was definitely out of the question. That is currently changing, because full employment, an acute shortage of skilled workers and the declining interest of school leavers in training are forcing many companies to rethink.

More and more companies are therefore relying on the potential of career changers and lateral entrants, who usually want to change their careers with a lot of joy and vigor. They understand that experienced workers with their skills and abilities are a real treasure from which everyone can benefit. In addition, seasoned colleagues are not upset so quickly - even when restarting in a completely different job. More and more companies are therefore consciously forming teams with a wide range of ages and qualifications, in which lateral entrants with their special wealth of experience are also very welcome.

The classic career ladder in a crisis?

In addition, fewer and fewer people want to laboriously climb the classic career ladder. The effort and time expended is simply too high for many and does not coincide with their desire for a free, meaningful and self-determined life. Career breaks, breaks or lateral steps can therefore be found in more and more professional biographies today, even if they often require the courage to leave or switch. Classic managerial careers are therefore becoming increasingly rare, but the number of mosaic-like employment biographies is steadily increasing. Some experts see a completely new career culture on the advance here, in which rational career planning no longer has a dominant place and one's own gut feeling plays a central role.

The new students

One consequence of this development: The number of students beyond the typical student age is increasing. In particular, courses alongside work or part-time are in demand. A career change with a qualifying degree does not have to be violence that is whipped through within a very short time. It is also slower, more relaxed and more careful. In the case of a gradual change, z. B. can continue to work part-time in the old job, while at the same time the training or advanced training for the new job is completed.

Sure, the more mature cohorts are often no longer as easy to learn as the new school leavers. After all, they haven't been to school in a long time. Nevertheless, they go down to business with zeal and curiosity. Because they know that they really want what they are doing now. Ideally, older people can learn together with their children and thus support one another.

Beware of overconfidence!

However, older workers should also clearly know their exercise limits and physical limits. Because a new beginning or further professional qualification is a real challenge and requires a lot of perseverance and perseverance. Experience in recent years shows that men in particular tend to overestimate themselves.

Hence our tip: It will be a whole lot easier if you think about your own strengths when changing your job and choose a new job in which you can use and develop your strengths and talents in a targeted manner.

Change of perspective: YES or NO? Let us advise you!

And another tip: it doesn't always have to be a job or career change! Sometimes it is completely sufficient to rethink what already exists and to shape it better.

It can be helpful to seek external advice if you plan to change your job. This can be a special “dream job” coach, but also the employment agency. An experienced advisor and a thorough situation analysis can help you realistically assess your plans. At the same time, you get a professional external view of your professional life and your skills. This makes it easier for you to think openly about your own professional future and to identify potential pitfalls or wrong turns in the desired career change. We wish you good luck!

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