How can I learn Xhosa quickly


Learn to speak Xhosa for South Africa quickly: the gibberish pronunciation trainer as a download

Xhosa, the language of Nelson Mandela, Miriam Makeba and Thabo Mbeki, is the second most widely spoken language in South Africa. The locals, whether Xhosa, Zulu, Swasi or Ndebele, are pleasantly surprised when a Umlungu, i.e. a white man, takes the trouble to learn one of their languages. Even if you do not have a perfect command of the language, a few words can be the key to people's hearts. Whether as a backpacker, individually, organized or on the road for work: gibberish "Xhosa" makes it easier for you to access the people and the culture of South Africa.

The popular phrase books from the gibberish series have proven themselves a million times over when traveling. In this pronunciation trainer, the most important sentences and expressions from everyday travel are marked with an ear in the book, systematically spoken by native speakers for practice and repeated. In this way, the language can be learned on the side.

First the sentence is to be heard in German, then in the foreign language, followed by a break and repetition of the foreign-language sentence. So you can memorize the sentences without reading the book. As a download or on CD.


xhos01 introduction00:57
xhos02 The most important questions02:54
xhos03 Nothing understood03:01
xhos04 Say goodbye and say goodbye03:26
xhos05 Ask - thank - wish03:32
xhos06 The first conversation04:53
xhos07 Be a guest06:16
xhos08 On the go11:48
xhos09 Township Tours00:38
xhos10 In the country00:58
xhos11 whale watching01:30
xhos12 nights04:08
xhos13 Eating and drinking01:19
xhos14 shopping04:26
xhos15 music01:01
xhos16 taking pictures02:14
xhos17 Bank - Money - Post01:17
xhos18 Authorities - Customs - Police00:58
xhos19 be sick04:37
xhos20 toilet00:47

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