Which antivirus products slow down the PC

The fastest antivirus

Daniel Behrens

Most anti-virus products more or less slow down the system. In this article you can find out which protection software is not only safe but also fast.

EnlargeAntivirus programs in the speed check
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Anti-virus software is like many things in life: they are annoying, but you can't do without them. Since a virus monitor runs permanently in the background and monitors all file activities, it slows down the system in most cases. If it is a complete Internet security package, it also keeps an eye on all Internet and network activities, which usually costs additional performance. How much you feel the slowdown in practice depends to a large extent on your computer and its workload: If you have a turbo-fast PC and only surf the Internet and do office tasks on it, you will hardly see any delay due to the security Notice software. If you have a mid-range PC and you are also making full use of its performance, the difference is more noticeable.

Speed ​​test of security software

The various anti-virus software and Internet security packages differ considerably in terms of their performance hunger, however. The AV-Test anti-virus test laboratory checks how strong it is at regular intervals. The actual main criterion, of course, remains the protection performance. Because a fast scanner that finds few viruses is even worse than a slow program that reliably protects against malware.

In the picture gallery below, we have compiled the top 10 protection programs examined by AV-Test in January / February 2013, sorted by speed rating. The second sorting criterion is the protection performance. We have filtered out products with a rating of 3.0 or worse in terms of protection, as well as programs that are not available on the German market.

Details on the test procedure can be found on this page in the “Performance Testing” section. In relation to the comparison test that we used, the system load rating 1.0 corresponds to an average slowdown of the actions carried out in the tests by zero seconds. A software would receive a grade of 6.0 if it slowed down by more than 20 seconds.