How does GPS tracking reduce fuel costs

Fuel monitoring

The consumption and cost of fuel are strongly correlated. The more fuel is consumed, the higher the costs. By reducing fuel consumption, you can therefore also cut your costs significantly. Monitoring the fuel consumption of your fleet gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on fuel consumption and thus also fuel costs. This enables you to make decisions that will lower fuel costs and thus increase profitability.

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Fuel consumption

By monitoring the fuel consumption of your vehicles, you can get important insights into the fuel consumption of every truck and driver. This allows you to identify in which areas fuel costs are unnecessarily high so that you can reduce them accordingly. Green driving means paying attention to driver behavior, tire pressure and fuel consumption. Fast driving, heavy braking, high engine speed and other aspects of driver behavior can result in high fuel consumption.

Fuel usage

The fuel usage data is recorded directly from the vehicle and sent to our cloud-based platform. Here you can see the fuel consumption per trip or according to time segments. If you add optional tools, you can also keep track of fuel usage per driver.

Real-time insights into the level and consumption of fuel

  • Monitoring of fuel consumption per vehicle
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Total fuel consumption (since records began)
  • Fuel level (0 - 100%)
  • Precise fuel data via CAN

Fleet tracking
Connecting your fleet gives you the ability to locate your vehicles and drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. The vehicle data is sent to a server via GPRS signals, this data is converted into dashboards and reports and allows you to receive important information about your fleet and its activity as well as its status. The location of your fleet via the telematics software is a simple and time-efficient way to optimize the management of your fleet. Our solution for fleet tracking offers you a wide range of insights such as: GPS tracking, vehicle and driver activities, vehicle status, reports on the kilometers driven, driver behavior, speed, fuel consumption and much more.

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