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My part-time job

Earning some money besides school? With the right part-time job, that's no problem. Paula, Adrian, Rieke and Bennet tell how they supplement their pocket money.

Paula (15): babysitting and tutoring

I have two part-time jobs. On weekends or evenings, I occasionally take care of small children in the neighborhood, and I tutor math and English.

I usually come to babysitting in the evenings when the parents are getting ready to go somewhere. I then watch TV with the children, some cartoons, or I read them stories and then put them to bed. After that, I usually have two or three hours to myself before my parents come back at 11 or midnight. During this time I watch TV, do homework or study.

Once I took care of a boy who was in a bad mood, who bitched around and howled. That was really exhausting. I was pissed off how it went. Tutoring is not always easy either, you need patience and you have to be able to assert yourself if the child doesn't feel like it. At the same time, it's practical: when you do math, you can repeat things that you don't know how to do for a moment. I spend the money I earn to go to the cinema with friends or for an extra ice cream when I'm out and about.

What do you do babysitting?

Adrian (17): CD recordings for music bands

© PASCH-net, photo: Elisabeth Schwiontek

I help young bands who want to record their music. I can use the recording studio and mixer in the “Tube” youth club for this purpose. I then take the soundtrack home and use my computer program to do all the rest with effects, everything that goes with it.

In 2010, my friend Philipp taught me how to do it: which effects come up so that the voice comes out more intensely and everything sounds better. Since then I have been doing this completely independently and on my own. And I also like to do it for others, because I enjoy it!

The bands have to pay a few euros, because I have less time for my own music: hip-hop with my crew. But I'm not committed to the bands I help with recording. I would do a lot and I'm currently in conversation with a rock or heavy metal band. If that works, that would be cool too.

How does it work when you help a band?

Rieke (14): Deliver newspapers

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Twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays, I deliver newspapers - television papers for subscribers. I come home from school and sort my newspapers, which were delivered the day before, by street and house number. Then I ride my bike. Mostly it takes me an hour.

On the way, I often meet people who are very unfriendly, especially old people. But otherwise it's okay. It's also funny when you drive there and can't find a house number, then you search there forever. I found the job three months ago through a school job exchange on the Internet. I'm saving the money I'm making because I want to do an exchange year in Australia.

How much time do you invest in the part-time job?

Bennet (16): Gardening with the neighbors

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My brother and I occasionally help our neighbors with gardening. Most recently, we mowed the lawn of the neighbors right across the street and removed the cut grass. They are retired so it would have been very difficult for them.

It's actually not so much about making money, it's just about being helpful. Nevertheless, I am happy to receive a few euros as a thank you. Because I play baseball, the uniform and equipment for it are relatively expensive.

What do you spend the money you make gardening on?