What do you recycle every day

World Recycling Day reminds us of the importance of reusing resources through composting

In the organic farming respect for the environment is an obligation that encompasses all possible areas. The aim is to keep the impact of human activities on nature as small as possible. Hence, it is important to manage resources and avoid wasting raw materials. Naturcharc this has followed this work philosophy from the start and has continued to deepen it ever since. That's why we're celebrating the this month World recycling day, which takes place on May 17th and is intended to remind us of the importance of reusing resources.

The one from the UNESCO The emerged World Day has a long history behind it. The aim is to make the population aware of the excessive amount of waste that is generated in cities every day. Tons of garbage that can have a second life thanks to recycling, avoiding the waste of materials and having a more sustainable economy is made possible. The planet's resources are not infinite and society as a whole must help create a more efficient world where the waste from any activity can be reused to continue generating prosperity.

In our case, this commitment is clearly reflected in our packaging and material management Organic fruits and vegetables because we manage to efficiently recycle the material we use during our production cycle. Above all, however, it is reflected in our commitment to the Organic compost contrary. This illustrates our commitment to the circular economy and waste reduction all the more.

What comes from the earth returns to the earth

Our motto has always been that what comes out of the earth returns to earth. A sentence that sums up our company's commitment to preserving nature. The recycling of vegetable waste from our operations allows us to close the loop and reclaim the richness of the soil in a 100% natural and environmentally friendly way. The Composting takes place on our own facility, where we use the know-how of our experts to transform an ideal mixture of straw, clayey-loamy soil and plant residues into a rich and balanced soil food.

This way we can reuse resources that would otherwise have been thrown away. These plant residues come from by-products that inevitably arise with every harvest. Remnants of shrubs, stems and leaves, but also vegetable waste that is not in an optimal condition, can be marketed. Thanks to the composting facility, the resources that were used to produce these crops are returned to the soil and are used to create a new harvest essential.

The work on our facility enables us to supply all companies with compost that we have produced ourselves. This makes Naturcharc a reference in ecological and sustainable agriculture in the province Almeria become. It is our obligation to continue to work to offer our customers and friends the best of the land: a production of fruits and vegetables that offer the best quality in taste and aroma.

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