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German Charts 2020: These are the 10 best musicians

For years it has been a trend that is growing ever stronger: German will be sung in the German charts in 2020. This is also shown by a look at the most successful artists of the year. We'll tell you who won the battle for the title “best musician”.

“Schlafe mein Prinzchen” by Papa Bue, “Hohe Tannen” by the Hellberg Duo or “We never want to go apart” by Heidi Brühl: When you look at the most successful songs of 1960, you can literally feel how German singing from old radios through today's historical Living room resounds.

Almost 60 years later, the situation is comparable. The German charts in 2020 are also dominated by German and German-speaking artists. Still, the differences couldn't be greater.

Best musicians: These are the 10 most successful artists in the 2020 German charts

Because what is hip and popular today would have been labeled as trash 60 years ago - and probably 20 years ago as well. And even if you don't like German rap yourself, the success of Capital Bra and Co. proves it right.

When it comes to the title of “best musician” in 2020, there is no getting around German rappers. We'll help you BASIC thinking in the weekly ranking the most successful acts in the German charts 2020. The numbers come directly from Spotify. Would you have expected this order?

Place 10: Sido

Tenth place goes to Paul Hartmut - called "Siggi" - worthy. If you think to yourself "I haven't heard that name yet" you don't have to worry. Because the tenth place of the most successful artists in the German charts in 2020 is Sido.

Place 10: Sido. (Photo: Pixabay.com / staufentv)

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