What is the national flower of Cyprus


  Wednesday March 23, 2005 

We landed in at 2:45 a.m., when it was asleep at night Larnaca / Cyprus. The suitcases appeared immediately, we could withdraw money from one of the three ATMs in the same room as the suitcases. The Hertz employee was already waiting for us. He was very friendly, but at least as shabby and hasty. Maybe it was the early hour. In any case, he entered Manfred's credit card details in no time and he had already made a mistake in the expiry date, instead of 2005 now 2055. Well, that will be his problem. After all, we had to remind him to return the credit card and the hotel voucher, which he copied for the address .

With a blue Honda Civic with gearshift, we threw ourselves into the nightly operation. There is left-hand traffic. Less than 500 meters from the airport, Manfred put on the brakes in the hope that the man behind would pay attention. He did too! A dog was walking leisurely across the street. We almost got him.


After a 2.5 hour drive from Larnaca to Skoulli at Polis, we reached the other end of the island at 5:30 am. The landlady, who knew our details, wanted to wait for us in the villa, as soon as it was arranged through our agency. After the directions from our agency, we were in the middle of nowhere even after several attempts. No one could ask, everyone was still asleep. Sometimes we saw the villa from above, sometimes from below, but where was the driveway? It was maddening! Finally Manfred called the landlady, who drove up with her husband very frightened, they were expecting us at 5:30 in the afternoon. In no time she set up the apartment and led us on an unpaved road, along a tiny driveway to Villa Palm.

We were the first guests of the year. At first I thought, crap! Tired, unreliable landlord, apartment did not correspond to the description, according to the description a bed was missing, because I can't stand double mattresses, the bathroom looked like it was built in 80 years ago, or once bathed in acid, there was only heating in the bedroom, It got so cool at night (15 ° C) that we each needed at least three of these spillery blankets, the floor was so dirty that objects that were left there had to be brushed off and instead of cleaning twice a week, none came . But the huge garden put everything into perspective again, it was wonderful! Two orange trees in bloom and two olive trees provided shade for the terrace and a large palm tree stood by its own, empty pool. Okay, we managed somehow with the beds and because of the cold in the house we preferred to have breakfast outside in the sun under the fragrant orange trees. To compensate for the fact that the pool did not contain any water, the landlady invited the three of us to dinner in her tavern twice. We could live with that, because it would be too cool to bathe anyway.


 The landlady showed us the nearest supermarket and invited us to the breakfast a. There was Nescafe (a pot of hot water and Nescafe bags), cheese, bread, olives, eggs with grilled cheese and bacon, tomatoes and cucumbers and homemade apricot jam. As a welcome present, she bought us a large bag with local fruit: bananas, oranges and apples. With our 69,000 mile old Honda Civic we first explored the area, drove through the Polis 6 km away to Akama's peninsula to the end of the tarred route, the bath of Aphrodite. The goddess is said to have bathed in this freshwater pond in a small grotto after her love affairs. We strolled around the dilapidated campsite, marveled at the crystal clear water and the cliffs.  Little information about the day:

Akámas Peninsula:
The name Akamas comes from the son of Theseus and hero of the Trojan War. Until Bath of Aphrodite leads on a tarred road, then you either need an off-road vehicle or even better, you either hike on one of the marked hiking trails through the coastal mountains with a wonderful view of the crystal-clear sea or you hike the hardly traveled and used road along the coast and climb to cool off down one of the many beaches. You can even see sea urchins in the clear water. And Cyprus’s national flower grows on the road Cyclamen. You can also see them here black adder (non-toxic, about 1 meter long) and many lizards. So don't be scared if the parking lot is hopelessly overcrowded at the end, 100 meters behind the bathroom it's deserted. Because of the bath of Aphrodite, who is said to have bathed in a freshwater lake after her love adventures, the journey is by no means worth it, but because of the hikes it is definitely worth it. From my travel guide about the Akámas Peninsula:

"In 1988 it was proposed to convert the Akámas wilderness into a national park. The World Bank, the EU and various environmental protection organizations supported the project. The Cypriot government has examined the plan and is desperately looking for excuses to drop it. Many locals keep the Akámas -Peninsula for the last untouched piece of nature on the coast in the south. However, public opinion clearly gives priority to development over nature protection. "



 At noon we relaxed in our garden, I wrote a diary. In the afternoon we strolled through Polis and drank a beer at a tavern with a view of the surrounding area. Keo is the name of one of the beers brewed here and it tastes quite mild, at least a thousand times better than the Carlsberg brewed here, at least to my liking. The friendly landlady did not bring us peanuts for our beer until 10 minutes later. (A big, a small beer and a juice were 3 CYP). As we sat, a man came to our table and told us about his cheaply copied oil lamp. We immediately thought he was going to sell this to us, but no, he was just friendly. We only know something like that from Australia!  Little information about the day:

Polis or Skoulli:
are on the north-western tip of Cyprus. This part is still the least developed for tourism, but it will be built on the devil. I have never seen so many unfinished buildings in one place. Still, it's still a nice corner. The small town of Polis is located on the Khrysókhou Bay and is surrounded by orange groves. The town center forms the Plateia Dimarcheiouwhere you can find many taverns and cafes. Polis Khrysókhou (the city of the golden land) was above the ancient City of Marion built. In the 7th century BC, the Ionian Greeks founded the settlement, which rose to the city kingdom thanks to rich copper deposits, then it was destroyed, rebuilt, etc., etc., as is customary with a long history.


 Before we went to dinner with our landlady, we had a few hours left for a little detour Paphos forest, after Stavros tis Psokas via Lysus. The 34 km long, very well-developed tar road there led over serpentines up through cedar forest. The panorama became more and more beautiful. In my Falk travel guide (2004 edition), this road was described as unpaved and it was also not shown on some maps. Unfortunately, my eyes accidentally fell shut after the last sleepless night, so that I couldn't enjoy the ride as I wanted.  Little information about the day:

Paphos Forest:
Cyprus trees disappeared in shipyards and in copper smelters as early as ancient times. Today you have a wide strip in the western part Foothills of the Tróodos Mountains reforested. Located in the middle of the Paphos forest Stavrós tis Psókas. Back then it was a monastery, today it is a forest station and a snack bar with a huge picnic area. There is a reserve for mouflons (mountain sheep), which are said to live here in the wild. There are also said to be eagles and vultures here. The mouflon reserve can be circled in a quarter of an hour walk on a well laid out path, uphill or downhill.


When I got to the apartment I was moving something around my suitcase when suddenly a shadow slipped out. Fright slack off! I thought it was a big spider, but it was just a lizard that I thought got into the house by mistake. Manfred took the whole suitcase including the lizard on top and carried it to the door. The lizard was free again :-).

At 7 p.m. it was with our landlady Meze (Plural = mezedes). This is a Cypriot dish, consisting of about 20 courses, here with different dips, beetroot, beans, olives, bread, garden salad, grilled halloumi (goat cheese), chicken, pork in delicious sauces, potatoes, french fries. Our landlady called it Cypriot fast food. There was also wine from Cyprus, very tasty!

Weather: Nice at 21 ° C