Which dessert is famous from Germany

The 10 best desserts from around the world

Table of Contents

  1. In France they eat crepe!
  2. In Italy they swear by tiramisu!
  3. There is red grits in Germany!
  4. Spaniards love Crema Catalana!
  5. In Turkey you can nibble on baklava!
  6. The Americans feast on trifles!
  7. Pastel de Nata is served in Portugal!
  8. The British are crunching crumble!
  9. There are waffles in Belgium!
  10. In Austria you can enjoy Kaiserschmarrn!

Bon Appetit

In France they eat crepe!

Crêpes - whether savory or sweet - are also extremely popular in this country. And normally nobody can resist this variant with caramel apples. The sweet fruits harmonize perfectly with the vanilla sauce. This makes the dessert a real treat and is also ideal as a cake alternative.

Caramel apple crêpes
Ready in 55 min. • 909 kcal

Buon appetito!

In Italy they swear by tiramisu!

Tiramisu is an absolute classic from Bella Italia. And homemade, the creamy dessert tastes simply heavenly. Of course, you shouldn't eat a whole bowl of it - because the mascarpone with a fat content of around 80 percent attaches to the hips pretty quickly. But every now and then you can definitely treat yourself to the delicious dessert. Because it is always a "happy maker"!

Ready in 1 hour 30 minutes. • 522 kcal

Good Appetite!

There is red grits in Germany!

Fresh berries are the main ingredient for this dessert, which is particularly valued in northern Germany. If you like strawberries, cherries and currants, you should definitely prepare red fruit jelly yourself. Combined with a little vanilla sauce, the fruit dish becomes a culinary hit that children will also enjoy.

Ready in 30 min. • 387 kcal

But of course we can do a lot more

Of course, we Germans can not only prepare red grits. Our dessert variations are virtually endless. To give you a brief overview of which dessert you can prepare alternatively, we have put together sweet desserts from the Thermomix for you. You can of course prepare all desserts without the Thermomix.

Buen provecho!

Spaniards love crema catalana!

The dessert cream is coated with a solid layer of caramel and has already been mentioned in medieval cookbooks. What lasts so long can only be good! So dare to try this dish and tell us how you liked the crema catalana. We are excited!

In the neighboring Spanish country Portugal, on the other hand, deep-fried pastries, a kind of elongated donut - also called churros - are common. You can of course find delicious churro recipe ideas on our website.

Ready in 5 hours 30 minutes • 325 kcal

Afiyet olsun!

In Turkey you can nibble on baklava!

Baklava is made from sheet or filo dough and filled with chopped walnuts, almonds or pistachios. If you want to eat baklava in the traditional way, you should treat yourself to a cup of black mocha, as this way the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the dessert harmonize perfectly. We wish you a good appetite!

Ready in 1 hour • 843 kcal

Enjoy your meal!

The Americans feast on trifles!

Trifle is a multi-layered dessert that is extremely popular in the United States. There are no limits to creativity in preparation. Whether chocolaty or fruity - design your trifle according to your taste and be curious what wonderful combinations this dessert has in store.

Ready in 3 hours 50 minutes. • 436 kcal

Bom apetite!

Pastel de Nata is served in Portugal!

These puff pastry tarts with pudding are worth a sin! The delicacies are said to have their origins in Lisbon. Monks are said to have enjoyed the pastries there as early as the 18th century. If that's not a reason to try the delicious tartlets yourself.

Puff pastry cakes the Portuguese way
Ready in 1 hour. • 247 kcal

Enjoy your desert!

The British are crunching crumble!

This dessert is something for the real sweet tooth! And here, too, there are hardly any limits to creativity in preparation. Because with the dessert, fruits are baked with crumble. Which fruits you choose is of course up to you! So feel your way to your favorite crumble variant.

Ready in 1 hour 5 minutes • 345 kcal

Smakelijk eten!

There are waffles in Belgium!

You have certainly tasted this specialty before. But have you made Belgian waffles yourself? If not, it's high time you did! Fresh berries, syrup, applesauce or hot chocolate are suitable as side dishes. By the way: A distinction is made between Brussels and Liège waffles. A soft batter is usually used when making Brussels waffles. They are considered to be less sweet and greasy than the Liège version, in the dough of which, among other things, granulated sugar is added. Both types of wafers are consumed warm.

Ready in 35 min. • 337 kcal

enjoy the meal!

In Austria you can enjoy Kaiserschmarrn!

This light and airy dessert will put large and small dessert fans in ecstasy. According to legend, the dish was once created for Empress Sissi. For the figure-conscious beauty, however, the food was said to have been too rich, whereupon Emperor Franz Josef I announced: “Well, I'll just eat the junk.” And believe it or not: Sissi's husband loved this meal!

Ready in 45 min. • 661 kcal