Do you drink beer every day

What happens if you drink beer every day?

Beer is your favorite thirst quencher, especially on hot days? The hop lemonade shouldn't be missing when grilling with friends or family celebrations? Then you are like very many people. But what happens when you drink beer every day?

If you drink beer every day, your average life expectancy will decrease

You can always find different information about how much alcohol is still healthy per day. In general, although small doses of alcoholic beverages can even have health-promoting effects on your body, it is best to consume as little of them as possible.

There is research that shows that even 100 to 150 grams of alcohol per week are said to be harmful. That corresponds to about half a liter of beer per day. In any case, medical professionals state that three large beers a day can actually be dangerous for you. From this amount it can be stated in long-term studies that the average life expectancy of people who do not drink alcohol is falling.

In principle, it is certainly difficult to specify an exact limit value from which consumption amount of beer is harmful. 0.33 to 0.5 liters of beer per day are considered to be rather harmless to health, but not everyone. Make sure you do at least two alcohol-free days a week.

Why do some people drink more alcohol than is healthy?

Unfortunately, many people become addicted to alcohol at some point in their lives. Usually psychological problems and depression lead to this. However, those affected often have fears that numb them with alcohol. But beer can never be the solution to problems and you should definitely speak to a doctor if you consume too much alcohol every day.

Since many drink alcoholic beverages in order to loosen up and be distracted from their problems, the more often you drink, the higher the tolerance level. You always need a higher amount of alcohol to achieve the effects that are perceived as positive. This fact can easily lead to addiction.

Often one notices no change in everyday life in alcoholics over a long period of time. The negative effects of addiction can take years to appear and become apparent.

How do you know you're drinking too much alcohol?

  • Thinking about beer or other alcoholic beverages before lunch can be a sign of alcohol addiction.
  • Even if you'd rather have a beer than go out with your friends, it can already be dangerous.
  • Notice whether drinking alcohol is having a major impact on your daily activities.
  • Ask yourself if your social relationships suffer more often from your consumption.
  • Does the planning of leisure activities for you depend on whether you can have a drink during it?
  • Do you save on normal things so you can spend your money in a bar?
  • Do you increasingly care less about the hangover the morning after?

It is important that you answer these questions and food for thought honestly. If you come across several times that your consumption behavior does not appear to be healthy, you should talk to your doctor about it.

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