Which gyms cost 10 per month

Wellness Sky

The Wellness Sky is a luxury fitness studio in the Serbian capital Belgrade. To be a member, you have to pay $ 30,000. This also gives you access to one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in the country. The Wellness Sky is also known as the “Danube Flower” and was a luxury restaurant opened in the 1970s. The building, shaped like a floating pyramid, stands out from its surroundings.

Unfortunately the restaurant had to close during a government crisis in the 1990s. It then fell into disrepair for 15 years. Then two companies got together, renovated the building and set up a gym. The building is spacious and well lit, giving visitors the impression of floating in a cloud.

It consists of symmetrically arranged geometric shapes. Backlit panels create the cloud illusion. There are large changing rooms for women and men, aerobics areas, a massage room, a jacuzzi, a sauna and a café.

But the interior isn't the only attraction: the view over the river and the city is breathtaking. The triangular main area of ​​the building hovers 15 meters above the ground and is glazed. The members have a clear view in all directions.

Equipment and trainers are available in a quiet, beautiful environment where the workouts are really fun. There is a lot of space available and the view is fantastic.

There is a cloud platform called MyWellnessCloud, a gym app and intelligent equipment that helps with training. Various packages as well as single and double offers for training partners are on the program. The spa offers various treatments: relaxation, sports and therapeutic massages, lymphatic drainage and candle massage.


For $ 30,000 a year you get access to the EXOS in Phoenix (Arizona). The studio was previously known as Athletes' Performance - this is where wealthy athletes are brought into shape. And what do you get in the EXOS for your $ 2,500 a month?

In this studio, everything revolves around the human body in a strictly scientific manner. Programs, buildings and even the apps follow an approach that puts people first. Professional athletes are advised on how to get the most out of themselves. The facility is first class: lots of space, lots of green and of course the most modern training equipment you can get.

Trainers and scientists design the training of the athletes after analyzing the body parameters. Since not all members can train on site, the EXOS Journey software was created. It tracks the members during training and saves the data for later analysis. The app offers access to monitoring functions, wellness information, articles, videos, live sessions with a trainer and webinars.

The company also has intelligent equipment with EXOS ESD technology. The flagships of this technology are the cardio devices that track members during their workout and automatically save the information. The devices also suggest customized workout intervals that members will use to best achieve their training goals.

EXOS creates a complete structural analysis with which defects in the skeleton and muscles can be found. For professional athletes, early detection of injuries is extremely important - therefore an appropriate program is initiated immediately in such cases.

Members also receive personal coaching lessons tailored to their goals, as well as advice from a dietician who can put together appropriate menu plans for them. The nutrition programs include healthy supplements such as multivitamins and probiotic foods. After intensive training sessions, members can relax with a therapeutic massage.

The studio has partnerships with brands like adidas, the NFL, Intel and the American College of Sports and Medicine, who also get world-class training programs for their athletes - especially out of season.

E by Equinox

E by Equinox is an exclusive gym with multiple locations including one on Madison Avenue in New York City. For $ 26,000 a year, members get access to first-class training, the best nutrition and spa treatments. Equinox is a high-end gym chain with more than 20 studios in Brooklyn and New York that are less expensive.

The luxury studio does not use membership cards. Instead, there is a retinal scanner at the entrance. Members have access to private baths, personal toiletries, and exercise clothing. The studio keeps an eye on the health of its members - this includes training as well as nutrition.

Every member of E by Equinox gets a Tier 4 trainer at their side - a trainer with the highest level of experience. In addition to the respective personal trainer, a whole team watches over the values ​​and results of the members. The team creates a customized workout program and menu plan based on the members' goals.

If you value your privacy, you can get it - for $ 26,000 a year. The top studio in New York has about 50 members, so it's not exactly overcrowded. The members get private training sessions there, which promotes concentration for coaches and athletes alike.

They can also use Equinox's Fit3D Bodyscan technology. In doing so, 3D views of your body are created. With the help of these scans, the trainers can identify physical problems before and during training and thus optimally take care of the health of their protégés. Members also have access to a spa area where they can relax during the week.

What do we learn

As the operator of a fitness studio, of course, you cannot steal $ 30,000 a year from your members. Still, there is something to be learned from the world's most expensive gyms.

  • The success of a studio depends on the success of its members. So it is important to offer high quality service.
  • The better you take care of your members, the greater the added value that is felt. High-quality service - that also means individual training, nutrition plans, intelligent equipment and brand-related apps for information about the workouts and tracking.

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