Where can I see Trump's financial documents

The US Supreme Court has given the New York District Attorney's Office access to US President Donald Trump's financial records. In doing so, the court contradicted his demand that the president be guaranteed complete immunity. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the President does not enjoy absolute immunity from the state prosecution if it requires inspection of his private files. For the time being, however, the court denied the Democrats in the House of Representatives access to the documents.

The court upheld District Attorney Cyrus Vance's request. He wanted to see the tax documents over a period of eight years - because of a criminal investigation into hush money payments to women who allegedly had affairs with the US president. Vance described the ruling as an "enormous victory" for the country's legal system. "Nobody - not even the president - is above the law," it said in a statement.

The accountant firm Mazars, with which Trump's documents are, announced that they would adhere to the court decision. Several weeks should pass before the actual handover of the documents is initiated by the court.

The documents requested by two committees of the House of Representatives, however, remain under lock and key for the time being. Among other things, you had requested documents on Trump from Deutsche Bank. The Supreme Court overturned the decision of the lower courts and rejected the case: The courts had not sufficiently taken into account the separation of powers between the President and Congress.

Deutsche Bank is one of Trump's largest creditors and had granted him large loans before his presidency. The US Democrats had hoped the documents could be made public before the presidential election this November.

Trump commented on the ruling on Twitter: "The Supreme Court is sending the case back to the lower court," he wrote. With that he could continue to work. "Now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. It's not fair to this presidency or the government!" In another tweet, he complained about being treated unfairly by the courts.

Trump was the first US presidential candidate in 40 years to refuse to publish his tax returns and thus provide insights into his financial situation.

Both the Democrats and a New York attorney separately tried to get Trump's accounting firm to hand over his financial records. This material could include the tax returns he has not published in a long time.

Trump's legal advisors have consistently believed that presidents should enjoy absolute immunity from government criminal investigations during their term in office to avoid unjustified distractions. In addition, the relevant bodies are not authorized to request the financial documents.

The Democrats argued that they had legitimate legislative goals, including updating ethics and money laundering laws and combating foreign efforts to influence the US. By looking at the files, they hoped to gain information about Trump's possible connections with people abroad, conflicts of interest and potentially suspicious activities.

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