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Hello dear Amazon people! Today I am reviewing the nasal rinsing salt from Emser, I bought the pack of 100 because I had previously bought the pack of 50, but would have gotten away from the price comparison with the pack of 100 there ---> watch out friends and always compare ( !) But to the article itself, my ENT doctor told me because

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By Marc Berbig

When I asked for refill bags for our nasal douche in the pharmacy, they offered me 20 pieces for 8 euros. "But that's a steep price for salt" I thought to myself and ordered 100 bags from Amazon for just under € 21 including shipping costs. The price-performance ratio fits again

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By Peter C.

In principle not bad salt, but completely overpriced in my opinion. About 1 year ago I bought a cheap nasal douche set with cheap salt and the effect was the same or the cheap salt was even better. I find the Emser salt too coarse-grained, it should actually be powder for a nasal rinse.

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By Arkadi91

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