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DAZN Devices: On which devices can the streaming service be used?

Since 2016 DAZN the number one contact point for sports fans. The streaming service broadcasts over 8000 events and games from various top competitions in a live stream every year. In this article you will learn how you can receive DAZN for private use.

The DAZN program: Here is an overview of all live streams

DAZN is compatible with common smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and many other devices. Use a device connected to high-speed Internet for the best sports streaming experience.

DAZN Devices: You can watch the streaming service on the following devices

No matter when, no matter where - with DAZN you can enjoy your favorite sport anytime, anywhere. Because: The streaming provider offers its customers the complete range of sports on many different devices. The rule of thumb here is: If a device is internet-enabled, DAZN can also be viewed on it.

The streaming service is not only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada, the USA and Brazil and, as mentioned, runs on almost all web-enabled devices. Here you will find a clear list of how DAZN can be received.

DAZN Devices: This is how you can use the streaming service

Around DAZN To be able to use it, you must first register there. A variety of sports live streams will then be available to you. You can choose different sports and competitions there.

You can do this DAZN access via multiple devices. On the one hand, you can open the portal in the classic way using the browser on your computer. Alternatively there is DAZN but also as an app, so that you can watch all live streams on your tablet, smartphone or smart TV.

You can usually watch the live streams in re-live in the following days or watch the highlights in the summary. There are also numerous features and background reports on the individual events, athletes and teams.

What does DAZN cost? The prices of the streaming service

  • Monthly subscription: 11.99 euros
  • Annual subscription: 119.99 euros
  • Trial month: free

The first month at DAZN is completely free for them. You can first register without obligation and test the program for 30 days. Should you continue afterwards DAZN want to watch, the service costs 11.99 euros per month. Alternatively, you can also book the annual subscription for 119.99 euros and save two monthly fees. DAZN offers its customers very different options for how a membership can be paid for. In a separate article you can find out everything about DAZN's payment options.

The DAZN program: These events are shown by the streaming service

DAZN shows a variety of sporting events and competitions live in the stream.

The streaming service primarily broadcasts over 100 Champions League games and all Europa League games. There are also matches from the Bundesliga, Primera Division, Serie A and Ligue 1 as well as the national cup competitions from England, Spain, Italy and France. You can also see top games from other leagues, such as those from the Netherlands, Scotland or Portugal, here.

In addition, the "Netflix des Sports" shows games from the major US sports leagues NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB as well as highlights from many other sports. So you can watch all PDC majors and the Premier League in darts as well as all UFC events and numerous top fights in boxing. There is also, for example, the WTA series in tennis, the Six Nations in rugby or the EHF Cup in handball.

DAZN: features, reports and interviews

In addition to the numerous live streams, DAZN We also offer further reporting on many special highlights and offer you, for example, preliminary reports or post-match interviews of the most important games.

Also turns DAZN again and again features about special athletes, teams or projects in the world of sport. For example, you can watch the four-part documentary "Mario Götze - A Talent of the Century" by the award-winning filmmaker Aljoscha Pause as well as the exclusive feature "The Making Of: Cristiano Ronaldo" at any time.