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Handbook of German literature in Prague and the Bohemian countries

"... The contributions always illuminate the theoretical requirements and the state of research of the relevant complex and conclude the presentation with detailed and consistently well-founded selection bibliographies ..." (Peter Drews, in: Germanoslavica, vol. 30, issue 1, 2019)

“... that this handbook is a milestone in research on German literature in Prague and the literature of the Bohemian countries. ... The manual not only provides its readers with a helpful tool for orientation at their fingertips, but also tempts them to follow the many clues to little-known or forgotten texts with their own readings. " (institut pro studium literatury,, May 16, 2019)

"... TheHandbook of German Literature in Prague and the Bohemian Landsis the first reference work of its kind on German literature in the Bohemian Lands from the 18th to the 20th century. ... The publication can be described as a significant success in German studies research on an international scale. The individual contributions are of exceptionally high quality and require a time-consuming, careful study of the respective problem ... ”(institut pro studium literatury,, May 16, 2019)

“... It would not only speed up the research, it would also make the readers aware of the literary canon of the most significant works established by the manual, and thus force a final reflection on the literature discussed. ... With many of its texts, the manual remains a volume that is worth reading, pointing out the intercultural situation and not just monopolizing it for the German-speaking writers working in Prague ... ”(Mirek Němec, in: Bohemia - Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur of the Bohemian countries, vol. 59, issue 1, 2019)

“... the manual is characterized by good readability and the solution of collecting the life data of the named persons in the appendix instead of taking it into the running text, as well as the German-Czech location concordance in the appendix ensure good usability. Despite all the information density, the manual has remained manageable and is equally suitable as a compact representation of the entire complex for beginners and as a tool for those who are particularly interested. (Karin S. Wozonig, in: Aussiger Contributions - Germanic Series from Research and Teaching, Issue 12, 2018)