Why does religion ignite passion?

About the passion

Such are passions. One is addicted to it - addicted to the feeling that moves between everything and nothing. And in this context I can single out only one (modified) for myself from all aphorisms, wisdoms and quotations: "Passion is a force that seeks with zeal what creates suffering."

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My beloved is called art. Life on stage, in front of the easel, in music calls for this fire, which does not burn oneself but ignites one - one's ideas, one's imagination and one's lust. There is a lot of agony associated with this, because the unpredictability plays a major role. It is this "up and down" that is inherent in every passionate relationship: disappointment, frustration, hope, lust. And the desire for more.

Michael Schottenberg
is an actor, director and writer

Moments of excess

The passion to express oneself artistically first arises in the head. In the development of a figure, in the conception of an image, in the creation of notes, ideas are transformed into feelings. An intoxication whose seeds bear fruit: the actor, the painter, the composer merges with his passion and, as in the first encounter between a woman and a man, dreams of longing pour out. The magic of talent becomes affects of love and desire, envy, anger, fear, shame, disgust and hatred, sadness and joy - and astonishment before the eyes of the audience.

In art, individual flashes of everyday life culminate, are mirrored, reflected and amplified. The passion of inspiration is the essence of human existence: with it are connected moments that become great moments, which we carefully keep in our memories and which, when our time runs out, give us the certainty that we have lived - moments that become moments of excess.

Book Notes:

  • Michael Schottenberg, “From the stage into the world. On the way in Vietnam ”, published by Amalthea
  • Michael Schottenberg, “Of new worlds and adventures. On the way in Burma ”, published by Amalthea
  • Michael Schottenberg, “Of dreams and ships. On the way on the cargo ship Ms Karina ”, published by Amalthea


The Tango Project: “Por una cabeza” from the film “Tango Bar” by Carlos Gardel
Label: MCA MCD 10759

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