Which city is better Jabalpur or Nagpur

Nagpur to Jabalpur

How do I get from Nagpur to Jabalpur?

To get from Nagpur to Jabalpur you have several options. You can choose from these modes of transport:

If you are in a hurry, we advise you to book a charter ticket. If you have the time but want to save your wallet, reserve a plane ticket.

The travel costs depend on the chosen means of transport. A flight ticket is the most expensive option - it should cost you about INR 13,838. If you want to be economical when traveling, buy a train ticket for only about INR 1.005.

How far is it from Nagpur to Jabalpur?

When traveling by land, the distance from Nagpur to Jabalpur is 331 km. It's 255 km as the crow flies.

How long does it take to get from Nagpur to Jabalpur?

The travel time from Nagpur to Jabalpur depends on your chosen mode of transport. All things considered, the whole journey should take from 4 to 23 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Nagpur to Jabalpur?

The cost of getting to Jabalpur from Nagpur also depends on the mode of transport you choose. Indian Railways is the most affordable: traveling by train by ferry expect to pay as low as INR 1.005.

However, if you're after more upscale travel. Then the most expensive option is to opt for a flight - a one-way flight ticket can cost as much as INR 13,838.

Here is an overview of the average prices for all means of transport available on the route from Nagpur to Jabalpur:

  • Train - INR 982 to INR 2.321;
  • Airplane - INR 10,621 to INR 13,835;

You can order a taxi, too - an estimated cost of the ride is from INR 9,818 to INR 12,585.

But you can also book a taxi - the journey costs roughly between and.

How many options are there per day to travel from Nagpur to Jabalpur?

The number of departures varies depending on which mode of transport you choose.

  • Every day there are around 1 daytime flights from Nagpur to Jabalpur.
  • The train follows a fixed timetable, according to which you have 1 train per day to choose from.

Taxi is also a good option on this route as it can take you from Nagpur to Jabalpur at any time of the day. Book in advance.

Most popular transportation from Nagpur to Jabalpur

How do you find the most convenient option to get from Nagpur to Jabalpur? To make your choice easier, we asked 1,000 users which mode of transport they prefer. Here is the result of the survey:

  • 100% enjoyed the train ride.