Who was Julius Ceasar

How often and with whom was Julius Caesar married?

Julius Caesar (* 100 / ° 44 BC) was married three times, but at the same time was also known for his numerous amours. He should not have been a food lover.

Young freed ...

Around 85/84/83, when Caesar was either fifteen, sixteen or seventeen years old (depending on the sources), he married Cornelia, the daughter of the consul Cinna (* 130 / ° 84 BC).

Caesar prevails

The choice of his (very) young wife, however, displeased the Roman general, consul and dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix (* around 138 / ° 78 BC), who was just establishing his power, because he found himself in a political conflict of interests with Caesar's father-in-law .

But Sulla's demanded separation of the couple remained unsuccessful. Caesar refused, held on to Cornelia, but had to flee Rome as part of Sulla's “proscriptions” (“outlawing of unpleasant persons”).

Cornelia died in 69 BC. Their daughter Julia, later married to Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (* 106 / ° 48 BC), died in 54 BC. Chr.

Just don't damage your reputation

Two years after Cornelia's death, Caesar married for the second time (around 67 BC, now quaestor and thus responsible for the finance department). The chosen one was called Pompeia and was - look here - the granddaughter of 78 BC. Deceased dictator Sulla.

The marriage lasted about five years and was then due to the maintenance of the good reputation of Caesar - at the time of the spectacle described as the "Bona Dea scandal" he held the office of "Pontifex Maximus" (which was the "head" of the college of " potifices ”- divorced.

In plain language

The scandal mentioned above is said to have been about the extramarital relationship between Pompeias and a certain Publius Clodius. The love story became noticeable on the occasion of a festival in honor of the goddess Bona Dea. Although only women were allowed to attend this festival, - according to the Fama - said Clodius had gone to the place of the action, was stupidly discovered, the liaison thus publicly and the marriage dissolved.
Well then!

The long-distance relationship

There is not much to be found in the annals about Caesar's third marriage to Calpurnia, daughter of a Roman senator. Maybe not because Caesar stayed mainly in Gaul (and later in Egypt)? One does not know.

However, it is said that she foresaw Caesar's death / assassination. Didn't use anything. In March 44 BC He was stabbed - among others - by Marcus Iunius Brutus (* 85 / ° 42 BC), who belonged to a group of scheming senators, during a Senate meeting.

Oh yes - there was something else!

Right, Caesar's Téte-á-téte with Cleopatra VII (* 69 / ° 30 BC), the last queen of the Egyptian Ptolemaic Empire.

Ok - that should really have happened. But in order not to worry about countless treatises, novels, dramas and other things, the film (DVD) "Caesar and Cleopatra" is recommended at this point. Although it is from 1945, the director Gabriel Pascal and the protagonists Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh are probably hardly known to a wide audience, it is still worth seeing and definitely entertaining. And then there's the 1963 movie 'Cleopatra' with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison as Caesar. Monumental ...

Author: Manfred Zorn