What is Delray Beach FL known for

A city worthy of a king. At least that's what the first settlers thought aboutDelray Beach, when they named this place in 1901. The name comes from the Spanish “Del Rey” and means “of the king”. There wasn't really anything regal about Delray back then. A few pineapple plantations and the usual orange and lemon groves (hence the current district of Pineapple Grove, by the way a very popular place name in Florida).

Delray Beach entrance

The golden 20s then brought the hoped-forboom. As so often in the history of Florida, a speculator race was opened. The small community of 1,000 souls was so confident that they even issued a kind of government bond. So a kind of investment in the future ofDelray Beach. The speculators and investors came in droves and with them roads, public sewers, parks and hotels were built. Everything you need to attract tourists.

The hoped-for success also came, but only after a few decades. Bidder todayDelray Beach more than just a beach and the sea. The 3 kilometer long beach was made byHoliday Magazine named as one of the most beautiful in northeast Florida. The city was throughtennis famous. The American Tennis Association calls this city the "Tennis Capital" in North America. EvenSteffi Graf bought a house here to be closer toMecca of tennis to live. The development of the past 50 years has been rapid and hasDelray Beach made one of Florida's top travel destinations. This city was also designed from the beginning to attract tourists, travelers and vacationers and therefore offers a huge range of entertainment options. Actually competesDelray Beach even withMiami Beachalthough the southern neighbor is more famous through film and television. Many famous personalities, however, have itDelray Beachdrawn. Not only lives hereRockefeller, but also a long list of sports, cultural and show personalities. The list of domestic and foreign millionaires who have a second home or holiday home here is long. The city offers everything your heart desires. That doesn't mean it is impossible to be expensive to vacation here. There are certainly inexpensive vacation options that we would like to show you.

Let's throw ourselves into the “City of Kings”. At least the “kings of theShowbiz”.

Weather and climate

Delray Beach has tropical weather and is hot and humid in summer and very warm in winter. The particular geographic location also determines the weather.Delray Beach is exactly on the course of the Gulf Stream, is a coastal city directly on the sea and has slightly different climatic conditions than the cities a little to the north such asFort Pierce, Vero Beach or West Palm Beach. Florida is characterized by its many microclimates. The highest precipitation is reached in the months of August and September (covering with the tropical storms and hurricanes).

Sights & Activities

Actually, you could be with the entire vacationtennis andgolf spend. The respective plants are innumerable and it is not without reason thatDelray Beach regarded as the “tennis capital” of America. You may not enjoy either sport or have family problems. That's not a problem becauseDelray Beach offers a lot more. This place was calledMost Fun Small Town in the USAAwarded by Travel Channel and an expert panel. So also the “capital for fun”. This will definitely save your vacation!

We want to anticipate right away: the beach is really fantastic and deserves its awards. Long, white sandy beaches with powder sand and turquoise water, plus the palm trees and the blue sky. The clichés of paradise are almost perfect here. If you go on vacation here, there will certainly be a few days at the beach and bathing. The water temperatures are warmer here and you feel like you are in the Caribbean. But there are other activities too.

Events.Events.Events.Here you will find, almost all year round, many festivals, street parties and evenEvents in front. Sometimes it's the garlic festival (there actually is!), Sometimes it's more serious art festivals and sometimes it's just carnival in summer. Before making a booking, you should definitely look through the event calendar in order to either be able to participate or to avoid the crowds and the associated price increases for hotels and holiday apartments. More information can be found here: VisitDelrayBeach.org

The Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens. A large number of Japanese were among the first settlers in the early 20th century. Today nobody knows exactly why this group of Japanese followsDelray Beach devious, but her stay has left its mark. This complex is a Japanese garden, with beautiful bridges, pavilions, gazebos and ponds. But it is also a museum where you can learn about Japanese culture. You will visit a fully equipped Japanese villa from the previous century. In one sentence: you will be transported to the Orient and still stay in a tropical paradise. Your senses will be inspired. You can find this wonderful park at the following address:4000 Morikami Park Road, Delray Beach, 33446 Florida.Phone number:+1 561-495-0233.