What Are Some Great Web Marketing Certifications

The Top 6 Online Marketing Courses - Beware Of Amateurs!

The platforms and functions of social media are constantly changing. So whether you're just starting out with social media marketing or looking to expand your skills, help is definitely welcome. Even if you are one of the best social media tools you should choose a course that not only got great reviews last year, but that is still relevant now.

There's only one problem - how do you know which social media course to choose? There are literally thousands of them on the web. How should one know which ones are run by amateurs and which ones convey real industry knowledge from trustworthy professionals?

Don't worry - I've done the heavy lifting for you. I scoured the best online course platforms to find the most popular social media marketing courses. I then took a closer look at them - which of them offer the most informative, most up-to-date information for you Your social media marketing skills improve and so you can advance your company or blog or simply refresh your professional knowledge?

I ended up doing at least 50 different courses. It made me sweat quite a bit, but you save time and money and now you know that these courses are really the best. (You don't have to thank me. Instead, share my article.)

Online Marketing Kuse on Social Media: Our Top Picks

What interests us about the best social media marketing courses

When we looked at the social media marketing courses on the internet, we placed particular emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Expertise of the trainers - Do the trainers know their way around?
  • Course content and implementation - Does the course provide the information you need to improve your social media marketing skills?
  • Course duration - How much time do you have to devote to acquiring new skills and knowledge?
  • Certification - Do you get a certificate at the end of the course as proof that you have completed the course?
  • Ratings and reviews - What do former course participants think of the course and the trainer (s)?
  • costs - How deeply do you have to dig into your pocket for training in social media marketing?

1. Udemy - Social Media Marketing MASTERY

Don't let the term “Mastery” fool you - the course Social Media Marketing MASTERY from Udemy is ideal for those new to social media marketing. The course promises to bring you closer to the topic of advertising in social media from A-Z and to show you how you can use different platforms to effectively promote your company.

This course covers all of the major "players" - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest and YouTube. You'll also learn about blogging, SEO, and tools that can make your marketing more effective.

The course content includes eight hours of video, seven downloads and 26 articles. The course is accessible via the internet, mobile devices and television. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion. The course was rated 4.5 stars by more than 5,000 participants.

Like many other courses on Udemy this course also originally cost a few hundred dollars. But it's worth keeping an eye out for offers. We've seen the course for a fraction of the price. This is great when you consider that you have lifelong access to the course content.

Even if you pay full price, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. But if the reviews from the participants are to be believed, you won't have to make use of the guarantee.


  • The course is developed and implemented by Coursenvy. This Los Angeles-based agency is an expert in social media advertising.
  • The course content is updated regularly (last one month before this text is written). So the latest subject matter is always conveyed.
  • The instructor is available to answer questions and help them with marketing for their company.
  • The strategies taught in the course are applied to customers by the course instructor. That means they are tried and tested in the real world.

2. Coursera - What Is Social?

What is social? (What is Social Media?) By Coursera is a hands-on course that not only teaches you about social media marketing experience - You get too Jump start. Coursera boasts top faculty from major universities, and this course is no exception. Coursera is part of Northwestern University's social media marketing department.

This course is not just about individual platforms. Rather, he looks behind the scenes - You learn about social media from a business perspective and can design your own strategy accordingly. Course content includes social marketing, social trends, the social media business, and more.

The course lasts nine hours. Participants are suggested to work on it about three hours a week and complete the course in less than a month. The course content consists of videos and reading material.

Thousands of students have rated this course highly for being extremely practical and useful. According to Coursera statistics, around half of all participants who took this course benefited from it professionally. 16% got a raise or were promoted.


  • The course isn't just about skills - context matters. The participants learn something about the digital revolution, the effects of large amounts of data (“Big Data”) and much more.
  • The language does not have to be an obstacle to participation - there are English, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic subtitles.
  • You can try the course for free, but paying participants will receive additional information and a certificate of completion. The course is more expensive than some of the other options, but has a money-back guarantee for the first week.

3. Hootsuite Academy - Social Marketing Training

As the ancestor of all social media toolsHootsuite exactly the right starting point for your social media training.

Hootsuite takes a slightly different approach than other providers. The program Social Marketing Training (Social Marketing Training) includes several mini courses. You might start out as a beginner, but you end up do you know all the tricks of the pros.

The course includes:

  • Optimization of your social media profiles
  • Set goals and targets
  • Building your community
  • Content marketing
  • Social advertising

The courses are conducted - free of charge - by video and text. Some of the learning content can be downloaded. Most videos only last a few minutes. The entire course - with exercises and tests - takes about six hours. The course content is updated regularly. So you can be sure that you will always be provided with the latest teaching material.

There are no ratings for the Hootsuite course, but according to the provider it trained over 400,000 students, including over 46,000 certified professionals.


  • The courses are conducted in video explanatory format. So you never see a real person - we found this animated approach entertaining.
  • Tests are carried out at regular intervals. Before you continue, you can make sure that you have memorized the previous material.
  • The course is free, but if you want to take the Social Media Marketing certification exam, you have to pay.
  • When you take the exam, you can be enrolled on Hootsuite's directory of certified professionals. This makes you more visible to brands and potential employers.

4. Fiverr Learn - Social Media Content Strategy

Of course Social Media Content Strategy (Social Media Content Strategy) by Fiverr Learn guides you through the main elements of developing and implementing a content strategy for social media marketing. The course instructor is expert Rita Cidre, named a Top Growth Marketer by Hubspot and currently Marketing Manager at Qualtrics.

The course consists of 23 videos for a total of around one and a half hours. Learning contents are setting goals for social media marketing, identifying your target group, developing and implementing your strategy and much more.

Each section ends with a summary and a test; there is also a final test. In this way you can make sure that you have really memorized the learning content. This course is cheaper than most of the others. If you don't finish it, you can get a refund within 30 days.

Fiverr Learn is a comparatively new platform (read our comprehensive review). So there are few reviews for this course; but it is rated with 4.8 stars.

To use the Fiverr Learn platform, you need a Fiverr Seller Account.


  • When you have completed a course, a badge will appear on your Fiverr profile. With that you will probably get more "gigs".
  • The course includes a section on “Empathy Mapping” - a tool that can expand your customer knowledge.
  • This is a practical course. If you work through it, it will help you create your own strategy.

5. LinkedIn Learning - Social Media Marketing Foundations