Are Nvidia GPUs worth my money?

Graphics cards will soon be significantly more expensive again? Nvidia warns of a new mining boom

Nvidia expects another mining boom. For a while, the high-end graphics cards from the manufacturer and from competitor AMD were sold out almost everywhere and only available at fancy prices - the reason for this was a run on cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, DIY mining is apparently no longer too lucrative, but according to a report by Wccftech, this is already about to change.

Production of RTX-2000 chips apparently stopped

In this context, Nvidia is said to have stopped the production of some RTX-2000 graphics chips. On the one hand, a new generation is just around the corner, on the other hand, the run on graphics cards for mining wants to drive up the price again. Nvidia is said to have already set its partners for a second mining boom. Since March the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen sharply again.

Memories of 2018

Cryptocurrencies reached their peak in late 2017 and early 2018, respectively. As a result, many people started mining at home with graphics cards. As a result, prices soared and Nvidia and AMD couldn't keep up with production. Only when Bitcoin and Co were worth less and mining became more and more complex, prices normalized.

New generations before unveiling

Apart from that, both manufacturers are likely to present a new generation of graphics cards for gamers this year. With "Big Navi", AMD wants to launch a major attack on the high-end market and Nvidia will probably respond with a counterstrike right away. The second company mentioned is now worth more than Intel and is said to have made an enormous leap in performance with the upcoming generation of graphics cards called "Ampere". (red, July 15, 2020)