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selflessness : What does the word selflessness mean? Where does this term come from? What is a good term for unselfishness? What are synonyms and antonyms of selflessness? Selflessness is the ability to be there for others without wanting anything from them. Selflessness means that you stand up for a person, a group of people, an association, an initiative or an important cause in general without expecting a reward.

Selfless service is one of the important recommendations of various religions. Of course, unselfishness does not mean that you do not benefit from it yourself: Those who commit themselves with unselfishness may not receive any money for their work. But he gets inner satisfaction, spiritual growth, the feeling of love and connectedness. In yoga, one likes to speak of selfless service, which is better described as unselfish service. Because through selfless service one wants to come to the experience of the highest self in all beings.

Selflessness as a helpful virtue

From a lecture by Sukadev Bretz

Selflessness, an important quality of a spiritual aspirant, an important virtue to develop in order to have more joy, access to a higher reality in order to realize God. Selflessness is of course a somewhat strange expression in German. Selfless means without self. Of course, that's not possible, ultimately, we are the self.

In yoga we also say, we are an immortal soul, we are atman and in the depth of the self we are one with the world soul, our true self is ultimately one with the cosmic self, as it is also said, Jivatman is one with Paramatman, individual self, is one with the highest self. Which is why we don't really talk about selflessness in yoga, e.g. one speaks of Nishkamya Karma Yoga, which means unselfish service. Nishkamya-, kama means desire, kama means greed, kama means pleasure, but kama also means use, nishkamya means disinterested. So one speaks in Nishkamya Karma Yoga, of unselfish service.

In German one often speaks of selfless service and selflessness, because you find that more in the Christian context. Selflessness, one could also say from the Christian point of view, Jesus said, "love your neighbor as yourself", that also means "love your neighbor as your self" and therefore, it does not have to be quite so selfless. But selflessness is more likely to be defined as doing something for others, doing something for a higher cause, doing something for a group of people, serving the poor, serving the sick, serving the elderly, serving the needy , those who need help.

Selflessness means doing something without getting anything material in return. Assuming you make a donation and expect a big thank you, it is not selfless. But suppose you make a donation, maybe even in such a way that nobody knows that you made a donation, then it is selfless. Of course, if you make a donation without anyone knowing, you will get some inner satisfaction somewhere. And therefore, the unselfishness leads to a nice feeling.

Assuming you are doing someone a favor when you expect them to return that favor and afterwards are disappointed when they do not return it to you, then it was not a selfless act. You have only had a kind of shopkeeping, you have already given something somewhere, it's like a kind of barter, you have given something and you hope the other person gives something back. This is not selflessness, this is barter. Barter is okay too, it's not a bad thing, it's just not selflessness.

Selflessness is all that you do for others, for a good cause, without having anything in return materially and without wanting to get it back without recognition and thanks and praise, that is selflessness. What is selflessness good for? On the one hand, of course, you could say that makes you feel good. Somewhere in people there is something that they want to be selflessly active and that doesn't even need religion. It is sometimes claimed that religion is necessary, that people act ethically and that they work for the good of others. But that's not true, empirical research shows that atheists can be just as ethical as religious people and that atheists are just as committed to a good cause as others.

So, you don't necessarily need a religious substructure or superstructure for ethics and selflessness, it is somewhere in people. And I certainly come from a spiritual direction, of course I'm not an atheist, on the contrary, I am firmly convinced that there is a higher reality, I also call it God, I feel carried and guided by a divine and me consciously dedicate what I do to God. When I wake up in the morning I say a prayer, when I fall asleep in the evening I say a prayer, in between I say a prayer, I ask for guidance. And my life is dedicated to service.

If I do these lectures now, for example, I don't expect anything from it. Ultimately I'm in some lucky position that I've made some inheritance, that I would never have to work for money again, that would go anywhere, but I don't like that, why should I just do things now. But is it completely selfless what I do? I can't say that either, because of course, I get an inner satisfaction, people praise me, give me recognition, etc. I hope I do a lot with a certain selfless attitude, but if you do it yourself, it doesn't even happen on whether one imagines selflessness or not. But it's basically about you want to do something for others, you want to do something that others are well, you ask God for guidance or you look at what others need.

In my case, I feel guided by my masters, namely Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda, and I have a sense of calling somewhere and a feeling somewhere that these are my duties. And often I have visions and inspirations of some kind and say, "yes, this has to be done now". And then I do it too. People don't always find what I'm doing right, people don't always value me because of that, but I try to do good to people.

In this sense, Swami Vishnudevananda, my master, from whom I feel guided a lot and from whom, for example, I took over this lexicon project. Swami Vishnudevananda wanted to create the lexicon of yoga, he wanted to create an Encyclopaedia of Yoga, Yoga Science and Yoga Therapy, and I am now also there with these lectures. The lexicon of virtues, qualities and mental abilities is part of this great yoga lexicon, which has been in existence for a number of years.

Selflessness, - you can think for yourself, how much are you selflessly active? How many actions do you do a day that you don't do for yourself? And how often do you do things for others without expecting anything from them? How often are you disappointed when people don't return a favor? How often are you disappointed when you haven't even been praised and recognized? These are all signs it wasn't really selflessness.

Be happy when you can do something without people recognizing it. Be happy when you can do something where nobody is grateful to you. But be especially happy when you do something that is good and with what you achieve good. This joy in itself is also a reward and perhaps a much nicer reward than many other things, for selflessness and selfless action. In Karma Yoga one even says that one comes to one's true self through selflessness. By acting selflessly, one experiences one's self as the self of all beings and then one comes to the living experience of the self as the world soul.

Selflessness - antonyms and synonyms, other personality traits and virtues

Here are a few notes on how to see the personality trait, the trait of selflessness, in relation to other skills and behaviors, and in relation to vices:

Traits similar to selflessness - synonyms

Properties similar to selflessness, i.e. synonyms for selflessness, are e.g. altruism, generosity, generosity, generosity, noble behavior.

Balancing properties

Any quality, any virtue that is exaggerated becomes a vice, a vice, an unhelpful quality. Exaggerated selflessness can degenerate into e.g. self-denial, privation, selfishness. Therefore, selflessness as an opposite pole needs the cultivation of self-love, self-respect, self-confidence.

Opposite of selflessness - antonyms

There is an opposite to every property. Here are possibilities for opposite of selflessness, antonyms to selflessness:

Selflessness antonyms

Antonyms of selflessness are self-love, self-esteem, self-awareness, selfishness, selfishness, selfishness.

Selflessness as part of virtue groups, personality factors, and temperaments

  • Selflessness belongs to virtue group 3 love, affection, helpfulness, empathy, generosity. The main virtues of this virtue group are love and empathy
  • In the context of the personality model of the Big Five selflessness is part of the personality factor A1 tolerance high: cooperative, loving, friendly, compassionate
  • In the personality model DISG selflessness is part of the basic behavioral tendency S - steadiness, compassion, ability to work in a team
  • in the Ayurveda if one counts selflessness as part of the Pitta Vata temperament or Dosha.

Developing selflessness

Selflessness is a personality trait that can be made stronger within. Maybe you want to strengthen selflessness as an ability in you. Here are a few tips:

  • Make a resolution to cultivate this quality of selflessness for a week. You may not be able to cultivate all of the good qualities at once. But it is possible to make a virtue or quality strong in a week or a month.
  • Make up your mind, "For the next week, I want to cultivate the virtue, the quality, of selflessness in a special way. I look forward to being a more selfless person in a week."
  • Really do something every day that expresses selflessness. Do something, or at least something, each day that you wouldn't otherwise do that expresses that quality.
  • When you wake up in the morning, say an affirmation such as, "I develop selflessness."
  • During the day, repeat an autosuggestion, affirmation such as: I am selfless ".

Affirmations on the subject of selflessness

Here are some affirmations for more selflessness. Under the keywords "Affirmation" and "Miracle Affirmations" you can find out more about the function and effect of affirmations. Not all of the affirmations listed below fit - use the ones that seem right for you.

Classic autosuggestion for selflessness

Here is the classic autosuggestion:

In yoga, this is often combined with a mantra. Because a mantra makes the affirmation stronger:

  • I am selfless. Om Om Om.
  • I am a selfless, a selfless OM.

Developmental affirmation for selflessness

Some people feel like hypocrites or hypocrites when they say "I am selfless" - and they are not at all. Then a development-related affirmation helps:

  • I develop selflessness
  • I become selfless
  • Every day I get more selfless
  • By the grace of God, I develop more selflessness every day

Thank you affirmation for selflessness :

  • I thank you for becoming more selfless every day.

Miracle affirmations selflessness

You can also try the following affirmations:

  • So far I'm not very selfless. And that is quite understandable, I have good reasons for it. But soon I will develop selflessness. Every day this virtue will grow stronger in me.
  • I look forward to being very selfless soon.
  • I am someone who is selfless.

Prayer for selflessness

Prayer is also a powerful means of cultivating a virtue. Here are a few ways to pray for more selflessness:

  • Dear God, please give me more selflessness.
  • Oh god i adore you I ask that I become a selfless person.
  • Dear Divine Mother, I thank you. I thank you for expressing the virtue of selflessness more and more every day.

Ask yourself: What would I have to do to develop selflessness?

You can also ask yourself:

  • What would I have to do to develop selflessness?
  • How could I become selfless?
  • Dear God, please show me the way to more selflessness
  • Assuming I want to be selfless, how would I do that?
  • Assuming I were selfless, how would that make itself felt?
  • Assuming a miracle happened and I cultivated selflessness tomorrow, what would have changed? How would i feel How would i think How would i act? As a selfless person, how would I react, communicate with others?

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Lecture recording on selflessness - audio to listen to

Here you can listen to a lecture by Sukadev Bretz, founder of Yoga Vidya. This talk is the audio version of a video on selflessness, part of the Yoga Vidya Multimedia Lexicon of Virtues. This audio will be inserted later. We ask for your understanding

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