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Helpful kit for all executives
America's most famous Navy SEAL business coach Jocko Willink knows the most effective leadership principles of the elite unit. His books created entirely new standards for leadership qualities. But the practical application of these principles is often more demanding than it initially appears. For example, what if you are selected for a leadership position that you don't want? How builds
do you trust and criticize up and down the chain of command?
Willink's Practical Guide helps translate Navy SEAL principles into practice and put tactics into practice on a daily basis - that is, understanding Navy SEAL strategy and applying it in a pragmatic manner. It also provides simple, clearly structured step-by-step instructions to help managers do what they are supposed to do: lead.
In the bestsellers "Extreme Ownership" and "The Two Sides of Leadership", Jocko Willink and his co-author already explained the most effective leadership principles they could derive from their military operations with the elite unit of the Navy Seals, thus creating completely new standards for leadership qualities . Now Jocko Willink sets out to apply these theories consistently in practice and to put leadership into practice on a tactical level ... With this field manual, Willink offers simple, clearly structured step-by-step instructions - helpful baggage for all managers! more
Willink, Jocko
Jocko Willink is a writer and retired Navy Seal officer. After graduating, he was with the elite unit for 20 years. He then trained Seal executives. In 2010 he quit his job and co-founded the management consultancy Echelon Front. "Extreme Ownership - Leading with Responsibility" and "The Two Sides of Leadership" have already been published by Redline Verlag.