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The Hanoverian regional church has started an artist competition for the previously dismantled "swastika bell" in Schweringen.

Schweringen - The bell, on which strangers secretly removed the swastika and a Nazi inscription on it a year and a half ago, should be artistically completely redesigned, said the spokesman for the Hanover church district, Fabian Gartmann, on Friday the evangelical press service (epd). The district newspaper had also tried to get information about the competition in advance, but received no statements.

Loud are conceivable Regional church for example overpainting or soldered elements with new symbols and one new inscription, explained Gartmann. The Artist would have the greatest possible freedom. At the moment the bell is still hanging in the Tower of the Schweringen Kreuzkirche, but it is no longer rung.

Artist names are not made public

For the competition have representatives of the Protestant regional church, the chapel community Schweringen and the parish of Nienburg, including state superintendent Dr. Petra Bahr and Superintendent Martin Lechler, three artists selected whose portfolios fit this project. They are supposed to be in the next few months drafts work out. This also includes a second work of art outside at the foot of the church tower, which visitors can see on the Bell jar pointing up in the tower, Gartmann said: "One cannot be done without the other."

The Names of the artists should not public "So that they can first design something in peace," said Gartmann when asked by the district newspaper. There is also no exact timetable, it would develop from the form in which the Bell jar will ultimately be redesigned. "Material issues also play a role," said the Sprengels spokesman.

No permanent access to the bell

Since it is in Belfry very narrow and the ascent was dangerous, permanent access to the bell could not be granted. This can only be viewed on future tours. After the artistic makeover, it will be rededicated in a church service and put into service.

The former "Fatherland Bell" had led to a violent dispute in the 800-inhabitant village and nationally for big stir taken care of. On the one hand, many citizens spoke out in favor of the around 1,800 kilogram bronze bell to be exchanged for another bell with the low “C sharp”, as the regional church had also offered. On the other hand, many long-established Schweringers want to keep the familiar sound of their bell.

Agreement on remodeling

The situation was so tense that just before Easter 2018 strangers climbed the tower unnoticed and the 35 by 35 centimeter tower Swastika and Parts of the Nazi inscription with an angle grinder mill away. Both sides finally agreed on the artistic one Redesign of the bell.

The Schweringen bell, which was cast and hung in 1934, was shut down in autumn 2017 after the regional church asked all parishes between Hannoversch Münden and Cuxhaven whether bells from the Nazi era still existed there. Triggers were Discussions about bells with swastikas in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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