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What white people don't want to hear about racism but should know


"Since her critically acclaimed book 'What White People Don't Want to Hear About Racism, But Should Know', Alice Hasters has been the intellectual voice of young blacks in Germany." Christoph Amend, ZEITmagazin Newsletter / ZEITonline podcast “Everything said”, June 3rd, 2020

"The author mixes her own experiences with the search for identity and historical facts, explains the problems of cultural appropriation, blackfacing and the difference between racism and xenophobia. Haster's story not only touches the reader, but also challenges him to examine his own behavioral patterns almost every side. " Theresa Hein, Süddeutsche Zeitung, July 18, 2020

"Hasters' book tells about what it is like to be 'black' in Germany - in crystal clear prose, full of clever observations. It is autobiographical and at the same time a carefully researched panorama of what 'the personal' and 'the political' have to do with each other It was overdue in 2019. Now it's also ideal thinking - especially for 'whites'. " Pieke Biermann, translator

“‘ What white people don't want to hear about racism, but should know man can be called the book of the hour. ”Jan C. Behmann, Der Freitag, 05.03.20

"A very personal book and part of a much-needed discussion." Petra Bock, Deutschlandunk Kultur Lesart, 14.09.19

"A real eye opener." Christian Rabhansl, Deutschlandunk Kultur Lesart, 14.09.19

"Alice Hasters hits the right point: by showing herself vulnerable, she expects others to feel uncomfortable, just as uncomfortable as she is." Felicitas von Twickel, ZDFaspekte, 09/20/19

"Reading is exhausting. And that's a good thing. Because as a white person you get an impression of what it means to be confronted with racism every day, not to be able to evade it." Anne Burgmer, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 09/24/19

"A strong book." Diana Haß, Kölnische Rundschau, 09/24/19

"Alice Haster's text is not a literature of concern. Her great strength is to analyze and classify personal experiences against the great historical background." Link Christopher Claas, NDR Info, October 8th, 2019

“In times of cynicism and shitstorms, Hasters proves that you can speak personally and objectively about explosive topics. Hasters provides a real opportunity for discussion. ”Katrin Cerny, profil (A), 01/04/20

"Very educational to read." Link Nancy Fischer, rbb radioeins from ten, 27.09.19

"Alice Hasters’ autobiographical book makes it clear how much the perception of the world still depends on skin color. For her it was a painful but helpful process to publicly reflect on her identity. Her readers also benefit from this. " Bettina Schulte, Badische Zeitung, October 12th, 2019

"It's not about instruction, but about your own and mutual perception. It is the beginning of a conversation." Wolfgang Schütz, Augsburger Allgemeine, October 12, 2019

"Alice Hasters tells impressively and personally how racism shapes her everyday life as a black woman in Germany." Bettina Lorena Slamanig, an.schlag (fem. Magazine Austria), October 2019

“Alice Hasters reports from her life with great openness and reflects on how and in which situations she was confronted with everyday racism. Your book can be seen as an impetus to honestly question your own thoughts and actions in relation to racism. ”Freie Presse, Chemnitzer Zeitung

"In her book she combines personal experiences and observations with historical facts and scientific investigations into racism. The book goes close and puts your finger in the wound. As a white reader you always feel caught out." Joséphine Hein, Hessische Allgemeine, 10.03. 20th


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Hasters Alice: "What white people don't want to hear about racism but should know" | To the event website

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