Why are bulky sneakers trending

Fashionable sneakers 2018: what to wear to be in a trend

Book now: It's about everyday shoes and not just about sports. However, some of the couples below allow you to go to the gym for at least one appointment. And most of the trends and colors this season are good for girls and teens alike. Yes, everyone in the fashion world has been unisex for a long time.

Fashion trends

This year, as for lovers of classics, and for those who want something original. Here are the most fashionable sneakers of the year.

1. “As Pope”

The 90s are returning, and that doesn't just apply to clothing, but shoes as well. To be honest, sport like physical culture at school thirty years ago, with a thick corrugated sole and old long laces. In 2017 this retro conquered the world of haute couture: from Balenciaga to Dior and Louis Vuitton. In 2018 the world love for retro style broke out with renewed vigor.

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2. Bulky sneakers

If the retro models don't seem monstrous enough to you, then there is another option: bulky sneakers with a deliberately massive sole.

Fashion women manage to rhyme them not only with extended sports or jeans, but also with romantic raincoats and dresses. This trend is an accentuated disregard for public opinion when comfort and inner freedom are more important than general views of style and beauty.

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3. Sneakers-socks

The Spanish fashion house Balenciaga once gave the world a model made of black jersey on a gleaming white thick sole. Today, this futuristic hybrid of sneakers and tight socks can be found everywhere. They play in the shows of haute couture and in the corners of the European youth brands of the mass market segment.

The producers have long since left the classic black and white scale. Modern “socks” are red, pink, nude, in spots and melange styles - just choose the right one.

By the way, because “socks” tighten the ankle, the legs look significantly thinner and slimmer in such shoes.

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4. Recognizable classic lifestyle

After the UK edition of the street and shiny fashion WhowhatwearListen Up: These are the sneaker trends everyone will wear in 2018, 75% of sneakers are bought for aesthetics and everyday convenience, not for fitness or food. In this sense, classic models like Adidas Superstar, New Balance 574, Puma Suede, Converse, Nike Air remain out of competition.

Shoes such recognizable sneakers, kill two birds: ensure yourself the comfort and proven over the years to confirm the image of an experienced expert in a really quality human things. Which, by the way, also follows fashion. This is important.

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Fashionable textures and colors

“It doesn't matter what color your car is if that color is black,” Henry Ford used to say. To paraphrase a classic automobile, we will say: "No matter what you have on your feet, as long as it fits in one of the most fashionable color concepts of 2018".

1. Nude and pastel

Gentle, calm, often mixed with the color of the skin tone - single-choice fashion favorites of 2018. Casual shoes are also relevant. Training shoes dusky pink color, greenish, restrained blue, light purple colors fit well in almost any way and do not attract too much attention, allowing to focus on other parts of the wardrobe.

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2. Color block

For those who find pastel colors too boring, there's good news too. The color scheme of the color block with its bright spots of color on the restrained background and dizzying color combinations breaks out again in the favorites of the season. In the guides - blue (blue), red and yellow in various combinations. Mix for your pleasure!

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3. Glitter

Shape, color, style are not that important. Sneakers sparkle with hundreds of sparkling glitter particles applied to the surface. And that is enough. In an ingenious game on the catwalks and streets, not only Kezhual sneakers, but also classic high-top sneakers from Converse were seen. What can be more convincing when confirming the popularity of the trend?

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4.Satin (Atlas)

Language in this case is a soft satin finish - sneakers, made of matte fabric with a slight sheen. Such shoes, even if they belong to the mass market, look very expensive and can add chic to the most modest image.

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