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Teachers at Academic Secondary School - Recognition

General information

In the procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications, it is determined whether the qualifications of the applicant acquired in the EU / EEA / Switzerland essentially correspond to the requirements for teaching at general higher education schools in Austria.

Required documents

  • Passport or identity card
  • In the event of a name change: marriage certificate or other documents that prove the name change
  • The qualifications or training certificates acquired in the EU / EEA / Switzerland, from which the qualification for the teaching profession can be seen and any additional professional practice that may be required. Certificates of proficiency or training certificates that have not been drawn up in the official language German or English must also be submitted with a translation by a court-certified interpreter.
  • Documents that prove the duration and scope of studies (diploma supplement / appendix to the diploma)
  • Third-country diplomas recognized in the EU / EEA / Switzerland together with a certificate from the competent authority of at least three years of professional experience in this member state
  • If available, documents on the acquired professional experience clearly showing the professional activity of the applicant, or the knowledge, skills and competences acquired through lifelong learning
  • Certificate that the exercise of the profession has not been temporarily or permanently prohibited and that there is no previous conviction
  • In addition, for third-country nationals: residence permit and proof of unrestricted access to the labor market


There are no special deadlines to be observed.


No fees

Legal bases


The application is submitted online to the EAP or to the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. If the application is submitted in connection with an application for an advertised position, it can also be submitted online via the links of the education directorates listed in the section "To the form". The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research examines the application and makes a decision within four months of the submission of the complete documents. A complaint against the decision can be lodged with the Federal Administrative Court within four weeks of delivery of the decision.

The procedure determines whether the technical requirements for practicing the teaching profession are met. It is also checked whether there is direct access to the profession in the country of origin. If there are significant differences between the training of the applicant and the training required in Austria, compensatory measures in the form of an aptitude test or an adaptation course can be imposed. The acquired professional experience or the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired through lifelong learning are taken into account.

In the case of educational certificates that were not issued in an EU member state, EEA signatory state or Switzerland (third country), an application for nostrification must be submitted to a university.


Completed teacher training and any additional professional experience required

To the form

Competent authority

Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)
Minoritenplatz 5
A-1010 Vienna

Email: [email protected]
Diploma recognition procedure for federal teachers (? BMBWF)

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