What is Jimin from BTS's vocal range

Jin (Kim Seokjin)


Real name:

Kim Seokjin (Hangul: 김석진), different spelling: Kim Seok-jin


Jinnie, Seokjinnie, Third One From The Left, Worldwide Handsome, Old Fashioned Man, Flying Kiss Guy, Great Guy, Sexy Guy Who Cooks Well


Place of birth:

Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi Province (South Korea)


Cooking, food, recipes, Nintendo games, photos, selfies, his pets
Kim Seokjin (김석진) was born on December 4th, 1992 in Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do Province (South Korea) and has an older brother named Kim Seokjung. Kim Seokjin is known by the stage name Jin. He is a singer and songwriter. In 2013 he made his debut as a member of the band BTS and is under contract with Big Hit Entertainment (since 2021 Big Hit Music under HYBE). Jin is one of the Vocalists and Visual (aka Worldwide Handsome) at BTS. Jin is the oldest in the band BTS.

Jin attended Konkuk University. There he studied art and acting in the field of film. He graduated from Konkuk University in February 2017.

In 2012, Jin appeared in the music video for Jo Kwon's "I'm Da One".

Jin was recruited on the street by a casting agent for Big Hit, at the time Jin was studying at university. He made his debut with BTS in 2013 as a singer and visual.

Jin released his first co-produced track "Awake" in 2016. A solo song on the BTS album Wings. "Awake" reached number 6 on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart. Jin also released a Christmas version of the song "Awake" in December 2016. In 2018 his second solo song "Epiphany" was released on the BTS album Love Yourself: Answer. Jin can also be seen in the music video for "Awake" and the comeback trailer for "Epiphany". Jin introduced his solo song "Tonight" during the BTS Festa June 2019. In 2020 the song "Abyss" by Jin was released. The songs "Tonight" (2019) and "Abyss" (2020) were produced by Jin himself.

Jin was a 2016 nominee on the variety show "Idol King Of Cooking".

In 2017 Jins and V's song "죽어도 너야 (It's Definitely You)" was released, the song was recorded as the original soundtrack (OST Part 2) for the K-drama series Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, in which V had a role. K-Dramas are Korean dramas with actors, that is, series from South Korea. Jin also took part in the variety show "Law of the Jungle" in Kota Manado in 2017 (episodes 247-251).

BTS preformed "Spine Breaker" during their BTS Festa 2017. Jin did the choreography for it.

Jin sang an alternate version of "So Far Away" with BTS band member Jungkook in 2018. This song originally comes from the mixtape Agust D by BTS band member Suga.

In July 2018, he and his older brother opened a restaurant that specializes in Japanese dishes. There he is one of the board members. Jin also hosted the music show Music Bank in 2018 (episode 932).

Jin also released a number of solo cover songs, such as: For example: "Mom" by Ra.D, "I Love You" by Mate and "In Front Of The Post Office In Autumn" by Yoon Do-Hyun. They were published on Soundcloud.

Kim Seok-jin Awards and Nominations.

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Facts about Jin:

  • Jin is the oldest member of BTS. (Hyung Line)
  • School: Konkuk University
  • Hanyang Cyber ​​University - Films major (Masters / graduate)
  • Representative Emoji: 🐹 (hamster) or 🦙 (llama / alpaca)
  • He is officially "the visual" at BTS. That's why he's often called Worldwide Handsome.
  • He is referred to as "Worldwide Handsome" by the ARMYs. Jin now calls himself that too. For example, that's how he introduced himself on the 2018 Ellen Show.
  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius
  • Jin has his own mukbang show called "Eat Jin" 🍴. On the show, he started recording himself over dinner. Sometimes the other members of BTS join him. On YouTube. At V Live (Jin started using V Live for his "Eat Jin" Mukbang show because it is where he can interact with the ARMYs.)
  • On the Twitter account @jinashamster (seokjin as hamster) photos of Jin with my hamster are sweetly recreated. For example: File: Seokjin as hamster Twitter.JPG
  • He can tear open bags of chips with his feet.
  • He can play the piano.
  • Jin is a great cook, according to the other members.
  • Jin likes to tell jokes.
  • He studied in Australia for a while before BTS.
  • Jin has greatly improved his dancing and singing skills since debuting with BTS. Although Jin focused on the film field prior to BTS (he took acting classes), he was asked to learn to dance and sing in order to become a part of BTS. Jin works very hard and is highly valued for his visual skills and talent.
  • In itself, Jin likes his face the most.
  • According to RM, Jin and J-Hope are the group's biggest cowards. When Jin is frightened, he likes to scream.
  • He feels uncomfortable when fans give him female names, such as B. "Mom", "Eomma" and "Princess".
  • His personality is always described as caring, humble, and funny.
  • A professional plastic surgery doctor determined that Jin's face was a "perfect face." Because eyes, nose, mouth, ears are all in the right place and have the right shape. Jin also has the correct face shape.
  • At Idol King Of Cooking, Jin was supposed to be in the finals. But due to time constraints, another took his place
  • The best way to make Jin desperate is to take away his food and Nintendo.
  • Jin likes to give away air kisses.
  • He likes Disney Princesses, his action figures Maple Story and Super Mario, and Nintendo games
  • Jin often blinks his eyes because of his dry eyes or he winks.
  • He is able to do the "spider walk" of the exorcist (with bent waist).
  • Jin once made seaweed soup for J-Hope, who was speechless because the soup tasted like his mother's to him.
  • Jin is bad at lying.
  • He doesn't like horror films.
  • Jin likes to behave aegyo.
  • Jin doesn't like wooden chopsticks
  • One of Jin's specialty is shouting into a microphone according to A.R.M.Y.
  • Of all the BTS members, Jin cares the most about his looks
  • Jin likes to use noises to show that he likes the food.
  • He blinks his left eye when he's hungry or stressed.
  • Jin wakes up two hours earlier than the other members.
  • During the BTS trainee days, Jin took Jungkook to school every day.
  • Jin owns Sugar Glider. These live at BTS. Sugar Glider Odeng. Jin is very fond of animals.
  • The Chinese A.R.M.Ys say that Jin has the best pronunciation when speaking Chinese
  • Jin said in Macau in 2017: "I can see others, but not myself if I've grown from all this experience, that's because my guys were there to push me ahead."
  • In December 2018, Jin donated various supplies to the Korean Animal Welfare Association to celebrate his birthday. On the same day, he donated 321 kilograms of food to Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA), another Korean non-profit animal welfare organization.
  • Jin's Spotify playlist is called: Jin's GA CHI DEUL EUL LAE? (means something like: Do you want to listen together?)
  • Jin wrote his solo song "Tonight", which he released on Soundcloud in June 2019, for his pets
  • Jin said that at the moment the happiest thing in his life is to perform with the BTS members.

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