Why do you worship your god

Cape. 12. In addition to idolatry, the heathen are particularly guilty of the cruel persecution of Christians.

And behold, what about what we have to talk about now: that you are hostile to us innocent, that you fight God to shame and oppress the servants of God? It is still not enough that the variety of angry vices, that the injustice of crimes worthy of death, that bloody robberies of all kinds taint your life, that false superstitions undermine true piety, that you neither seek nor fear God in any way: no, you also torment On top of that, God's servants and those consecrated to his majesty and power through unjust persecution. It is not enough that you do not honor God yourself: you also persecute those who worship him with wicked hostility. You neither worship God yourself, nor do you have him worshiped in any way, and while everyone else finds your approval who worship not only these silly idols and the man-made images, but also certain monsters and monsters, it is only the worshiper of God that you dislike. Everywhere in your temples the burning sites of sacrifices and whole pyres of sacrificed animals smoke: and God either has no altars at all or only hidden ones. Crocodiles and dog-headed beings1 , Stones and snakes are worshiped: and God is the only one on earth who is either not worshiped at all or whose worship does not go unpunished. You chase the innocent, the righteous, the darlings of God from house and yard, you deprive them of their property, you cast them in chains, you put in prison, you condemn to death by wild animals, by the sword, by the fire. But you are not satisfied with only causing us pain for a short time and carrying out the punishment simply and quickly; no, to tear our bodies apart, you use protracted tortures, to tear our entrails apart, you pile up torture after torture. Your inhuman savagery cannot be satisfied with the usual forms of torture: your inventive cruelty always invents new torments.